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Review of silent-mist.com

Reviewed: Christine Site URL: silent-mist.com Ooh, what a pretty splash page. I’m not generally interested in splash pages as I think they’re pointless, but this is nice so I’ll forgive you this time. Although, I don’t understand why you’ve got the splash page, as you’ve…

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Review of acidgloss.net

Reviewed: Krissy Site URL: acidgloss.net Faced with the choice of multiple skins, I am going to review ‘Purple Vector’. I have decided to review this one because it is simple (my current favourite style), and you say you adore it. (Note: it was later discovered…

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Tony Blair Was Wrong

Wow.. Tony Blair just admitted he was wrong about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. “I have to accept that we haven’t found them, and may never find them.” Holy shit, he admitted it. I didn’t see that coming!

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Review of fluffyland.com

Reviewed: Sam Site URL: fluffyland.com You didn’t specify a skin, so I’m just going to review your new one – Abstract Butterfly. Surprisingly enough, I like the colour scheme. The particular colours you’ve chosen fit well together, and you’ve obviously picked them to complement the…

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Review of unchained-melody.net

Reviewed: Chelsea Site URL: unchained-melody.net The first thing that I saw was your top image, above your content. I enjoyed looking at the details on the leaves – quite a fetching photograph. The only problem is, you’ve covered the main flower with your title text,…

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