A status update, a quick glimpse into what’s going on in my life Right Now…

16th May 2024

If we take this literally, right now I am updating my ‘now’ page, because despite finding the concept fascinating when I discovered it, I literally updated it once and forgot about it.

Currently reading The Serial Killer’s Wife by Alice Hunter (affiliate link) It’s pretty dark in places, but very engaging. Looks like there’s more in the series, so will probably get those next.

Currently watching the latest series of British TV comedy panel show, Taskmaster

Currently working on the new website (updated design/branding) for my company, Ultimately Better Ltd, as well as various bits of client work.

Currently looking forward to taking the kids to Wales at the end of the month for a few days. After all the stuff going on at home lately (separation etc) it’ll be a nice getaway.

Want to know more about the “now” page concept? See nownownow.com →