Server Issues

Site5 have decided that the server load on the old server was too high (seemed perfectly fast to me, but heyho) and they’ve migrated a load of accounts to a new server. Although by their own claims this is “transparent to you and your visitors” they have cocked up a few things including the domain… read more →

Thunderbird is Broken

Thunderbird is cocked up and isn’t letting me send out any mail (security/certificate bollocks.) I *was* going to send out a load today as I’m now “on holiday” but until I fix the godforsaken thing you’ll all have to wait a bit longer. Uninstall/install didn’t work because it kept my sodding settings. So yes, q*bee… read more →

Nothing Exciting

I broke my extreme tracker thing, thus I’ve only had 1 visitor today apparently (and none yesterday). Oops. Must fix that to work and be vertically aligned in the middle of the footer in IE. For some reason using the line height equal to height thing only works if the stuff you want on one… read more →

Known Bugs/Fixes

Just so you know what I’m working on right now: Automatically insert http:// for those who forget Set new cookie if information differs from that already entered Stupid old JavaScript back links need replacing Get rid of second set of line breaks when editing comments Fix known typos Input links into database Link of the… read more →

Up and Running!

Right, so this is it! The site is up and running. There are a few known bugs (mostly because I’ve had a mad week at work and have been rushed off my feet) including no process page for the contact form, no guestbook and most of the old links need re-adding. There’s content that needs… read more →

Jemjabella Refreshed!

I’ve spent the past month or so secretly working on this new version of as I anxiously await the point in time where it would be suitable to switch web host. I’ve dragged out old back-up CDs containing my old website so I could bring back a lot of archived content as part of… read more →