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Fat Coppers

Turns out my new website look/thingy might not be up when I come home after all. Karl and I were woken at 11ish this morning by a group of fat policemen. Ok, so not all of them were fat but they were certainly coppers. Apparently…

 |  Misc

Tony Blair Was Wrong

Wow.. Tony Blair just admitted he was wrong about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. “I have to accept that we haven’t found them, and may never find them.” Holy shit, he admitted it. I didn’t see that coming!

 |  Misc

In The Paper

Because of strikes at the place Karl works at, I wrote in a letter (supposedly for the letters page) on Monday telling the strikers that I think they’re being selfish, and not putting the children first — which is what teaching is about. Anyway, i’ve…

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