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Review of

Reviewed: Laurie Site URL: I don’t really know what my first impression of your site is. On one hand, I see the lovely background colour – that shade of blue is one of my favourites – yet at the same time there’s a great big chunk of white space which I don’t “understand”, and… read more →

Unrequested review of

Reviewed: Katrina Site URL: I completed this review out of sheer frustration at the lack of quality people get away with in the “reviewing world”. Firstly, you’ve created main.php instead of index, but haven’t used a redirector to make main load as the index, which means after following your URL all I get is… read more →

Validate, or Don’t!

I have always considered myself an observer. I watch everything — particularly people, because then I can attempt to interpret their behaviour and make little profiles in my head. I love to watch ‘weblog circles’. These are little circles of friends which all link to one another, and then someone in that circle links to… read more →

Elite Cliques

Let’s talk about elite cliques. No, I’m not talking about a good ol’ whinge because I haven’t been accepted (I haven’t tried recently), nor am I talking about the usual rant on how acting elite is bad (I love being elite). This is a rant/observation on cliques that think they’re elite when they’re not. At… read more →

No Nofollow!

Link: NO NOFOLLOW Following Google’s recent rel=”nofollow” development which is being added to blog systems and the like in the effort to combat spam, there’s now a “no nofollow” website. Somewhat pathetically designed (edit 24th jan: it’s been redesigned) and unfortunately in German (with an English footnote), I don’t think it’s going to achieve anything.… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Elizabeth Site URL: I am reviewing what I assume is your default skin; “A Special Hiding Place”. Gosh, another site that seems to be aimed at those running high-speed connections. Slowly, I see a delightful photograph appear in front of my eyes. Despite the pointless ‘line’ effect you’ve added to it, it gives… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Li Site URL: I think I might go and make a coffee while I wait for the site to load. My connection has been slow these past few days, so I’m beginning to appreciate the boredom that dial-up users suffer while they wait for larger layouts to load. The 274Kb of top image… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Candice Site URL: Ouch! 205Kbs worth of top image. This is nothing for my funky cable connection, but dial-up users may have an issue with it. It’s already a .gif, which is great – but is there any way you could decrease the area of the image, thus decreasing the file size, without… read more →

IE Worm Warning

I was supposed to post this yesterday, and forgot… There’s a new worm floating about that targets iframes, exploiting bugs in MSIE and installing itself automatically. Apparently it only affects Windows 2000 and Windows XP service pack 1, so if you’re running either of these then I suggest you switch to Mozilla if you haven’t… read more →