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Oh, how amusing!

As if her pointless comments praising FrontPage weren’t amusing enough — she’s brought back her review site. The start of drama 18 months ago and if she doesn’t start coming up with her own designs, the start of drama now. Look familiar when compared to uh.. something else? *groan* Please don’t make me laugh any… read more →

Nintendo64 ROMs

I’ve spent most of this evening so far, through the sniffing and sneezing, looking for Nintendo64 ROMs. The computer mag. that Karl & I buy pretty much every week (Micro Mart) had an article on Emulators which reminded me that I’ve been wanting to get a Super Mario64 ROM for months. Anyway, skip to searching… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Amelie Site URL: (Skin: haven) I see blue, more blue, lots more blue and wait, what’s this? Ooh, pink. Not sure in what way these two colours are supposed to tie together but it’s variation which, at this point is good,. I had to wait a while for your image to load though… read more →

Unrequested review of

Reviewed: Terri Site URL: Right. So someone who thinks they’re capable of judging other people’s skills has a pointless splash page, is telling ME what *I* need to use despite the fact that YOU’RE supposed to cater for my needs, and has a link with no decoration in the same colour as text and… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Irene Site URL: Quickly just want to add an apology for not getting your review done sooner. I’ve recently started a full time job and had to put things on hold while I got sorted out. I greatly appreciate your patience and the fact that you didn’t change your layout mid-review. First things… read more →

Thief, Bully and a Liar

So not only is Krissy of a thief (see google cache of her skins page where she claims it took two hours to create a vector, then the archive of her blog entry where she was caught and had to give credit), and a beggar (anyone who’s ever been a part of her listing… read more →

Review of (2)

Reviewed: Sam Site URL: I was quite excited about seeing your new layout because you have a tendency to produce cute, colourful setups which are pleasant on the eyes and easy to use. I was somewhat disappointed to find a bland, somewhat amateur-ish layout with a lack of structure or colour. What went wrong?… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Sanosuke Site URL: I refer to “you” many times in this review where on occasions it may apply to another staff member, don’t take things that don’t apply to you personally. I would recommend letting all of your staff members read this review. If there’s one thing more irritating than a pointless splash… read more →

Review of

Reviewed: Raissa Site URL: First impression was something along the lines of “my, what a lot of blue”. Anyone who has visited my many and various sites over the years will tell you that I’m a big fan of blue and that if CSR had a scoring system, I’d probably give bonus points for… read more →