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Looking at ADFIT’s Free to Move Range

I first came across ADFIT back in 2019 when I saw someone on Instagram wearing their ‘Fearless’ leggings with cut outs in the thigh. They looked awesome, and after purchasing a pair in khaki, they rapidly became one of my favourite pairs of gym leggings. There’s something about the feel of the material those leggings […]

Running Barefoot

I run in barefoot shoes. Vivobarefoot, to be precise. Now, to describe a shoe as “barefoot” seems somewhat of an oxymoron, but barefoot shoes — shoes with a flexible, minimal sole with generally a zero drop between the heel and toe — are designed to give you that barefoot feeling but with added protection for […]

Review: Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 Trainers

I bought a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 trainers back in November 2018 after my old asics gave up the ghost (and took a chunk out of the back of my heel in the process). Although I don’t actually do CrossFit, I do a variety of sports on a regular basis and adaptability is […]

My Christmas Fitness Wishlist

The shops are full of mince pies and Christmas sweets and have been since early September. I project outraged feelings of “commercialist nightmare!” and “Christmas should be celebrated in December!”, but the reality is I’ve been thinking about what to ask Santa for since about May. So, what am I going to be grovelling for […]

4 Things I Can’t Do Without at the Gym

I have simple needs when it comes to working out. I am not the sort of person that trucks up with an over-stuffed gym bag full of gadgets and gear… in fact, I don’t even have a gym bag. I wear whichever leggings are at the top of the clean washing pile, with any random […]

Review: Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring

I first came across the idea of silicone wedding rings for “active people” on Instagram — of course — about 6 months ago. It seemed like a good idea; having to to take off my wedding and engagement rings when working out (with weights specifically) for safety and comfort is a bit of a pain in […]