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Overdue Post-Lockdown Update

Oh man, is this post overdue or what?! I have a half written blog post about how I was planning to “ease myself back in” after the lockdown eased in the UK and gyms re-opened, but that didn’t happen: the post or the easing in! Once the gyms were re-opened I threw myself back into […]

Where I’m At, Yo (or something)

Given the tumbleweeds blowing across the strongmum blog, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve not worked out in any capacity since October, with that being a one-off too. This couldn’t be further from the truth, although illness — mine and my children’s — and work have unsuccessfully conspired together to take me out of […]

Juneathon (Week 1)

I first tried to take part in Juneathon in 2015, and managed to just about drag myself to day 7 before pitifully failing and never mentioning it again. (You can see how it went over on my other blog, but it’s not inspiring.) Of course, I’m a tad more active these days, so it seemed […]

The BTF Birmingham Open

After having taken part in the BTF British Taekwon-Do Championships in June of this year, I wasn’t sure if I’d compete again despite coming away with a bronze medal for patterns (Yul-Gok tul). Despite enjoying my twice weekly taekwon-do lessons, I found the experience of competing quite overwhelming; putting myself out there caused my anxiety […]

Taekwon-do Blue Belt (4th kup) Grading

There seems to be some sort of cosmic force that dictates that all of my taekwon-do gradings must happen when I’m feeling least equipped to deal with it. Previously this has meant doing gradings on the verge of a hormone-induced panic attack, or with illness or injury. Last night was no exception, with a heavy […]