Beginner’s Guide to PHP

I have been working with PHP since early 2001, first as the nerdy hobby of a spotty teen and then later developing my skills into a full time career as a senior web developer.

php beginner's guideI’ve used it to create everything from scripts and plugins, to personal utilities that parse my phone company’s .CSV export files so that I can keep track of most dialed numbers & costs etc (yes, I am that geeky). Follow my beginner’s guide to PHP and you too can be writing PHP scripts in no time :)

The PHP Guides

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part One

An introduction to PHP, checking for PHP support, & some basic definitions of PHP jargon.

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Two

Learn about mathematical operators, variables and how we can display things on the page using the echo statement.

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Three

Learn about comparison operators, logical operators, the if and else statements.

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Four

Get stuck in to arrays and loops, and using foreach construct.

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Five

All about looping with the PHP for construct, including top tips on keeping your for loops speedy & efficient.

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Six

Learn how to write your very own PHP functions to create more efficient scripts, and what “scope” means to PHP.

Coming soon:
Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Seven (learn about global scope, and the superglobals)
Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Eight (handling data securely)

Want More?

Am I not writing these fast enough? Maybe you’re already too advanced for me? Check out these recommended PHP books for further reading…