Finding my (blogging) roots

I’ve been feeling restless about my blog for a good long while. Wanting to update, not quite wanting to commit the words I want to say to the vastness that is the internet. However, a resurgence in indie websites and personal blogging has given me a bit of motivation, so I’m hoping this is the kick up the butt I need to get moving again.

To “celebrate” this I’ve gone old school with my theme – partly inspired by one of mine from 2006 (yes, I’m that old) and partly inspired by McLuhan by Anders Norén. I’ve thrown this together in a couple of hours, so testing has been limited especially on mobile devices – but I’ll worry about that later. I also plan on adding a dark mode, because of course.

The key thing about this update is going back to basics and stripping out a lot of the superfluous imagery. Adding images to my blog was always an attempt to please the crowd and not because I actually gave a shit, and I think that’s part and parcel of why I started to withdraw. This was about my words in 2002, and should be about my words now.

I’m going to try and blog once a week until the habit kicks in again, but how many times have I said that before? We’ll see…


  1. I well remember your site looking as it does on the Way Back machine in 2006! So I guess I’m that old too. I really like the layout, looks great.

    • Jem

      10 Jul at 8:44 am

      Awesome! It’s wild to think some people have been reading my blog for nearly 20 years.

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