One of my fitness goals for 2023 basically entails me getting my shit together and nailing a consistent gym routine, and as such I’ve given up alcohol for the year (again).

My journey to (and from) sobriety is a funny one, with a balance more or less found over the last couple of years, but Christmas and work stress pushed it towards the higher end of what I like to consume these days and a total cull seemed like the most logical way forward.

So far so good. My bodyweight is slowly trending downwards, joint pain has subsided, and my sleep is good. However, my moods seem to be drifting here and there and I have a heavy fatigue that just won’t shift, although I’m not sure how much of either I can blame on the Christmas bubbly.

I’ve noticed that although the alcohol-free drinks market has rapidly expanded since I originally dabbled with sobriety back in 2017, few of those offerings have actually made their way into pubs and bars (or certainly, the ones I’ve been in since the start of the year). Most seem to have a couple of ‘AF’ beers, but I’m not really a beer drinker. I have my eye on a few wines and liquor substitutes for home consumption, but I guess it’s back on the lemonade for out and about.

So far, cravings have been virtually non-existent and I’m not missing out, but I am only 11 days in. I haven’t missed a workout yet though, so that’s got to mean something…

Lead photo by Ankush Minda