I have successfully rendered myself a liar this week. After calling myself “basically unemployable” back in 2018, I started a new part-time position with Source Design this week. Super stressed Jem who couldn’t possibly contemplate a 9-5 way back in 2018 is now super chilled out handling a senior dev position for one firm, managing director for another, and freelancing between the two.

At some point between 2018 and now my capacity for workload and perceived “stress” increased dramatically, and y’know, I’m pretty sure it was my diagnosis. It’s amazing what a difference it makes not constantly beating yourself up; all that mental energy spent berating myself for being ‘shit’ and incapable of handling day to day life can now be spent on chasing dreams and doing crazy spur of the moment things.

And taking on this position was spur of the moment… in part, driven by motivation to stop drawing a salary from Ultimately Better temporarily which will allow funds to build up in the business. Those funds will eventually go to hiring a junior developer, someone I can train, mentor, build up.

A decision also taken in the spirit of change. My son goes up to secondary school this year (his first choice was confirmed today!) which means that the school runs that have massively dictated my schedule – my life – for the past 10 years or so… they are no more! What better way to celebrate this massive milestone than by doing something a bit mad?

I’m hoping it’s not a decision that only works for me. I’d really like my knowledge and experience both as dev and heading up my own agency to bring new things to the table for Source; that it ends up being a partnership with mutual benefits.

Who says auties can’t handle change, right?

Lead image by Ross Findon