I’ve been talking to a lot of clients lately about migrating their websites to Gutenberg. If you saw my last post on Gutenberg development, you’ll know I’ve been building more and more sites with it recently. Still sticking, stubbornly, to classic editor for my own site(s) though.

Eating your own dog food – or dogfooding – is the practice of using your own products or services. Strictly speaking, Gutenberg isn’t mine to ‘dogfood’, but it makes it easier (and slightly less hypcritical) to wax lyrical about it when using it completely, and so here we are. The first theme designed for Gutenberg on the jemjabella blog.

The look and feel are very much credit to Aisling over at Pretty Content, whom I commissioned to redesign the blog a year ago. Yes, it’s taken me this long to do anything with it. It’s not finished (the build, not the design) but it’s certainly a start, and might be the kick up the arse I need to get back to blogging with regularity.

Please bear with me as I rebuild the pages (who needs to launch a 100% complete site anyway) and fix the bugs in the mobile versions etc. Your compliments are very much welcome, though.