I first came across ADFIT back in 2019 when I saw someone on Instagram wearing their ‘Fearless’ leggings with cut outs in the thigh. They looked awesome, and after purchasing a pair in khaki, they rapidly became one of my favourite pairs of gym leggings. There’s something about the feel of the material those leggings are made from that makes them super lush to wear (and showing off my hard earned QUADS baby?!)

You can see the original Fearless leggings in this squat video from October 2019:

When I spotted on Instagram that ADFIT were releasing a new ‘Free to Move’ range, and in HOLY MOTHER OF GOD LOOK HOW SUNSHINE HAPPY THEY ARE yellow, my interest was piqued! On tenterhooks for the release, not least because some of my workout leggings are utterly knackered, I ended up bagging the yellow (“Ochre”) leggings and bra set — both in medium — the morning following the launch.

Jem wearing yellow ADFIT leggings doing bent over row

I was so pleased to discover when the new leggings arrived that they’re made from the same sort of material as the original fearless range (or certainly, have the same feel to them). The Free to Move leggings have a high waist which keeps my jiggly wiggly belly in the right place while I do HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, or when I’m throwing weights around. The leg length is fantastic, and I don’t say this lightly: as someone with an above-average inside leg measurement, having leggings actually reach my ankles without having to stretching them out of shape is a rarity. This might mean that if you’re shorter than average, you have a bit of extra fabric, but I imagine they roll up well. Best of all — if we put aside for one moment that they are the happiest colour leggings in the whole freakin’ world — the leggings HAVE POCKETS. I hadn’t even noticed this when ordering (despite the fact it’s clearly labelled on the site) so this was the BEST surprise for me.

However, the real acid test for a powerlifter, of course, is the squat. The ADFIT site says they’re squat-proof, but I’ve heard that from retailers before! I’ll report back on this at a later date when I’ve been able to verify this for myself.

The bra top is made out of the same material as the leggings, and is comfortable on the skin. I took the removable cup ‘padding’ out straight away as there was no way those discs were going to sit in the right place for me, and gave a weird conical-boob look to the bra. I feel like I might suit a larger bra size in the range, as the band rides up a little at the front even though it fits well around the chest. I guess my post-breastfed-children droopy boobs need a little more fabric to lift and contain them!

That said, the Free to Move bra is supportive enough for low impact stuff like yoga and weight based gym workouts. I wouldn’t go for a run in it, although admit this is entirely based on gut instinct and not testing.

All in all, I was so happy with my purchase that I invested the leggings in the Oxblood colourway too. Yasss!