The jemjabella Top Ten: Best of Jem

After a brief twitter conversation yesterday, I realised that I have over 17 years of blog posts on this site, but no way of distinguishing those actually worth reading from what is mostly a collection of personal old waffle. So, here’s my jemjabella all time top ten, as decided right now on no scientific basis whatsoever, and in no particular order:

  1. (2014) Manifesto for Life

    A short and sweet post, blogged approximately a month after I ended a 12 year emotionally abusive relationship. It’s been nearly 5 years and I stand by this post to this day (except the good wine bit but mostly because of my mental health)

  2. (2018) Self Employment and Mental Health

    How I use self-employment to support my mental health in an environment that usually encourages isolation and stress.

  3. (2016) Multi Level Marketing: Scam or Dream Ticket?

    A rant / informative piece aimed primarily at mum-friends who are convinced they’re going to make their fortune through MLM companies like Avon and Younique.

  4. (2016) In Defence of Selfies

    A brief piece on why people should be left alone to take as many selfies as they bloody well please. My opinion somewhat tainted by the fact that I was “not allowed” to be seen on the internet for the duration of my previous relationship.

  5. (2015) I considered cam-girling to pay my mortgage

    There’s nothing particularly profound in this entry but it reflects where the situation I was in; trying to keep my head above water while dealing with a mortgage, huge childcare bill, utilities etc even with two sources of income.

  6. (2015) How I got 20,000 hits a day (and lost them all again)

    My experience of internet fame in an age before Facebook etc made it possible to go viral within minutes.

  7. (2015) I have no idea how to title this post

    Content warning: rape, childhood sexual abuse.
    A deeply personal post on some of my experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Although not a pleasant post to write, and indeed still difficult to read, this opened up the floodgates which has allowed me to talk openly about other instances, as well as truly get to grips with the healing process.

  8. (2014) I feel like a fraud

    On my experience as a single parent, and feeling like a fraud.

  9. (2011) Breastfeeding and Feminism

    My response to a certain sub-section of feminists who consider breastfeeding to be anti-feminist and demeaning.

  10. (2009) I’m a woman, actually

    A rant about being a woman in tech.

Honourable mention to the following which nearly made the list (is this cheating?):

I know some of my readers have been lurking for 10 years or more, so I’d be interested to know if anyone has any favourite posts that I’ve not mentioned?

Lead photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash

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