New Things!

New Look!

Yes, as you can probably see, I’ve changed the way the site looks again. I’ve been tinkering about with this one for a while between work projects. The theme is based off the lovely Storyteller by Mauer Themes. I paid for the theme (fair’s fair) then completely re-created it so that it would be super light, super fast, and contain the various bits of schema mark-up etc that I use. I also made changes for things I prefer on a more general level, e.g. a sans serif body font and my ‘branding’ red.

I’ve completely failed to test it in anything other than the latest Chrome for desktop and on my Pixel 2, so if it looks like shit for you please accept my apologies (and let me know). That said, my coding is so old school I am not anticipating any major visual breakdowns.

New Project!

Because what better time to add a side project to your repertoire than when you’re completely rushed off your feet and haven’t had a break in months? At the end of April I launched with POCKETS!, a central hub for all womenswear/clothing that contains functional pockets, bringing together appropriate products from retailers from across the web.

Because of my workload I’ve very much left my sister in charge of adding content, and so far there’s over 160 products been added, with several more retailers to comb through. There are a few products with affiliate links listed in the hope that one or two clicks will pay for the hosting costs, but at the minute this is very much self-funded.

New Approach!

After having talked about 2018 being the year everything ‘just clicked’ I decided I need to take more positive steps to further both my business, and my financial security. As such, I’ve started to change my approach to all things work. I’m coming up with better processes and actually planning projects better, which should allow me to see them through in a more constructive way. I’ve made investments, including setting up contributions to a voluntary pension, which is LONG overdue. I’ve been more efficient at keeping back a cut of job income which enabled me to pay my mid year tax bill both early, and entirely without credit cards.

I’ve started thinking about how I want to take my business further, too. Although I’ve always been adamant that I’m perfectly happy as a freelancer with a small income and lots of flexibility, there’s a lot of potential for growing my offerings locally and further afield. I’m not sure where this will go, and it probably won’t be something that happens this year, but it’s on my mind.

All in all, things are ticking along nicely at the minute. Long may it continue.

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