Or, at least as often as you can.

I’m a big believer in fitness for fun. It is a lot easier to maintain a level of fitness and put ourselves outside of our comfort zone if we are doing something that we enjoy (most of the time). With that in mind, I think it’s really important when trying to find YOUR sport to experiment with a bunch of different things. Not everyone is born to run, despite what some runners would have you believe.

In light of this, and despite having found “my” sports some time ago, when I discovered earlier this year that there were pole dancing classes happening right on my doorstep I signed myself up posthaste! I have always wanted to try pole dancing and was really excited at the prospect of doing something a) super sexy and b) super strong, aka two of my favourite things ;)

I have attended 6-7 pole dancing lessons with Sabrina of Pole Fixation and so far have learned:

  • Pole dancing is harder than it looks
  • A LOT fricking harder
  • Even as someone who is ‘stronger than average’, it’s REALLY HARD
  • Did I mention it’s hard?

Yep. I have found pole really quite difficult, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to do that whole “outside of our comfort zone” thing I mentioned above. Nonetheless, it’s extraordinarily fun. There hasn’t been a single lesson I’ve regretted, and I’ve laughed at every single one. (Especially the time I faceplanted the pole base.) Sabrina, the lady who runs the classes I attend, is so relaxed and friendly that you can’t help but have a good time.

Aside from the fact that it’s quite hard, pole has also taught me:

  • That my core strength isn’t that great
  • That it really burns when you’re trying to use literally just your skin to keep you up
  • That being a sweaty bird doesn’t bloody help at all
  • That professional pole dancers are super frickin’ fit

I’ve also learned that I really, really love pole dancing. Even though I’m a bit crap, and even though it makes me sore, it’s a genuinely enjoyable sport. And I only know this because I decided to try something new.

Lead photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash