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This post contains multiple updates since the original review.

Original Post

I happened to casually mention to my brother via facebook messenger recently that I get quite sweaty. (There is context, something about exercise, I didn’t just randomly tell him I’m sweaty as that would be weird.) Some short time afterwards I saw an ad’ for Nuud deodorant on facebook itself. Ignoring the slightly creepy-stalker aspect of this — let’s pretend it was a total coincidence — my curiosity was piqued.

Nuud is marketed as a “carefree” deodorant: harmless, sustainable and revolutionary. I didn’t care for the marketing BS, but I was genuinely interested in the claim that this little deodorant was both effective for several days and actively prevented odour. Any sweaty bird will tell you that despite the supposed long-lasting effects of all commercial deodorants, they generally coat you in a sticky gunk which mask smells for a few hours, but move so much as an inch and you’re on your own. I shower daily but am usually a hot mess fairly early on.

Now that I’ve filled you all with the mental image of me dripping with my own filth…

I ordered a tube of Nuud at a cost of over £11, which is quite possibly the most expensive deodorant I’ve ever bought by more than double, and it arrived a few days later. It was a hell of a lot smaller than I expected, but more about that in a sec. I didn’t hesitate to test it to the max straight away, with a double session of taekwon-do first up and then Ironbridge Half Marathon the following day.

Nuud is not like any other deodorant I’ve tried. It’s a silver-beige coloured paste that you squeeeeeeeze out a tiny pea-sized amount of and then apply directly to the armpits. It spreads easily and is not sticky or difficult to apply. However, with it being such a tiny tube, not only have I been incredibly precious about the amount I’m applying but on the one occasion I accidentally squeezed too hard I was distraught that I’d wasted a couple of days worth in one go. It’s not normal, and probably not healthy, to be upset over deodorant.

Nonetheless, application mishaps aside, I have been genuinely surprised at the effectiveness of the deodorant. Taekwon-do, a half marathon, various gym sessions and general day to day life have put it through its paces and it has significantly decreased odour, to the point where even after 13.1 miles on a clear warm day Gaz mentioned a “barely perceptible smell”. Sexy.

In addition to the rigorous exercise test, it didn’t seem to matter whether I had shaved or not, with the first week of my self-imposed two week trial sporting a full armpit… bush? (Is there an equivalent slang term for armpit hair? Anyway…) This is a massive improvement on the vast majority of roll on and sticks that I’ve tried previously which just seem to coat the hair and do sod all for the actual armpit. As someone with a very relaxed attitude to society’s idea of what’s “attractive” when it comes to the removal of body hair, this is a problem more often than not.

I’m not surprised, however, that it definitely isn’t effective for more than one day (despite the marketing claims to the contrary). There is absolutely no way I’d get 3-7 days out of it as advertised even if I spent those days in bed (sleeping, you perv). If I worked out my usual amount over the course of 7 days on one application of deodorant I’d be a walking bug repellent by the end of the week. I prefer a thorough wash each morning and re-application, but the cost implication of this with >£11 deodorant is clearly huge.

tl;dr nuud works. It’s effective against odour by tackling the bacteria rather than just coating your skin in goop. It’s not left any marks on any of my clothes and I feel better fresher for wearing it. However, it’s fucking expensive for what you get and I’m not sure I can financially justify it with the amount I go through.

Back to being a sweaty bird I guess.

Update 02nd August 2018 — adjustment period:

Despite my original concerns that the nuud deodorant was too expensive to regularly use, I managed to eventually fall into a routine with it. I now get about 3-4 days out of an application, which although is at the low end of their use case is pretty impressive for someone as sweaty as me. I’ve now been using nuud deodorant for nearly 6 months and wouldn’t replace it with anything else.

Update 09th April 2019 — suspicious lumps:

Shortly after I started using Nuud deodorant, I developed some lumps under both armpits. I didn’t make any sort of connection at the time but carried on as normal. After approximately 4 months (I know) I got them checked out at the doctors who suggested they were caused by an infection, but with no other signs of infection this seemed unlikely. I carried on as normal using nuud. I even assumed that they might be a reaction to me potentially over-training.

In January 2019 I came down with the flu and as I was bed bound for a week, not even getting up to wash (yuk) the lumps started to disappear. Again, I assumed it was over-training and not this gap in basic hygiene. A short time later I started re-applying the deodorant, but wasn’t training, and the lumps came back. It was then I made the connection: nuud was causing an allergic reaction in my armpit, which was giving me these large tender lumps. I stopped using nuud and by April 2019 the lumps were completely gone. I am not sure what ingredient it is that reacts with my skin but I went deodorant-free to give my armpits a break and now occasionally use my old deo again. My daughter continues to use nuud without any problems.

Update 02nd December 2019 — statement from nuud team:

As several of my readers got in touch to say that they too had problems with tender armpit lumps following use of nuud deodorant, I got in touch with the nuud care team to see if they could advise. Here’s what nuud had to say:

The most plausible explanation for them lies in the type of product nuud is. Other than aerosol deo’s or roll ons based on alcohol, nuud is an oil based cream. The reason and advantage of this form of appearance is that it has a hydrating effect to the skin and makes sure nuud remains effective despite showering and doing sports. A drawback from oil based creams however is that, even more when used in abundance, it can prevent the sebaceous glands from secreting sebum. When is does, the sebum gets ’stuck’ and the natural reaction of the body is to activate an inflammation mechanism […] Although this happens in only few of the cases, we stress on our tube that one should discontinue use when (—assume they mean if… Jem) a skin reaction develops. Next to the fact than nuud is a cream it contains almond oil, so anyone with nuts allergies should be careful using our product.

So there you have it: the armpit lumps are caused by natural bodily oils unable to get out of the armpit because of the nuud deodorant. It sounds like some of you may benefit from using smaller amounts of the deodorant, but due to the severity of the lumps I’ve opted to go back to my old deodorant at this time. I’ve not had any further lumps since switching back to my old deodorant.

nuud urge anyone with issues or questions to get in touch.

Nuud product shot taken from their website.

Jem Turner jem@jemjabella.co.uk +44(0)7521056376

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    • Katie said:

      This is really helpful having been a sweaty betty myself again it seems so expensive. I noticed the comment from Ana about making your own. How would I do this please x

      • Jem said:

        Hi Katie :) I’m not sure about making your own – in the end I bought more of the Nuud. I managed to get into a routine of using the deodorant every other day, which (while not as spaced out as they suggest) gives me the best balance between overall consumption and freshness. I’m only just coming to the end of my first tube, so it’s lasted about 5-6 weeks altogether. I don’t use make-up or anything like that so I consider it my “cosmetic splurge”.

  1. Catherine said:

    That is crazy expensive. :o the ingredients list looks quite short though – maybe you could try cobbling together something from raw ingredients, or see who on etsy is selling something similiar (if anyone at all) ?

  2. Pippa said:

    I’m surprised, I used Mother Dirt which is excruciatingly expensive and now seemingly unavailable in UK. Looking round I stumbled on this and with Horse valeting, swimming, showering, shaving, or not etc I can reapply once every 4-6 days. You must be unlucky as I am very prone to being on the sweaty side and menopause doesn’t help that side of things at all.

    • Jem said:

      Yeah, unfortunately I am abnormally sweaty. Nonetheless, I do seem to have managed to get into a routine whereby on my less intense-active days I don’t need to re-apply which has reduced my overall use.

  3. Deby said:

    I use Nuud and I find it fine to use every three days, sometimes two days in the summer and as long as I wash regularly, it is great! I find it very cost effective as you only use a pea sized amount each time and my one little tube has lasted me ages so far. I have used aluminium free organic deodorants before but this is way better I find. Personally, I love it! Strange to love your deodorant but I do.

  4. Stacey said:

    Hi Jem.
    I’m super sweaty too and also work out everyday of the week pretty intensely so I too was really sceptical of Nuud. But likee you I also found it works. I’m also like you in that I don’t find myself compelled to shave all my hair off either. ( as an aside and from one bushy girl to another how do the bald girls get any lather in the shower? Do they have to use those hideous bacteria farms called poofs?). Anyway I just did the maths and even with a similar squeeze mishap, mine caused by 8yo child, I realised with alternate day applications (and the odd forgetfulness induced 3 day cycle) I have managed to make my teeny tiny tube last the best part of 3 months. I used to use the sure max strength deo which was costing me £4.50 a pop when on offer which only lasted one month. It’s almost the same price for me and I get to feel a lot fresher and not sticky goopy sweaty. X

    • Jem said:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback from another hairy sweaty girl Stacey – love to know I’m not alone!

      I admit I’m one of the gross people that use bacteria-ridden poofs, for some reason it’s genuinely not occurred to me to lather up with my own body hair. I am intrigued and will try it out.

      re: cost – I’m finding it maybe slightly more expensive but for me it’s worth it to not be a) stale sweaty despite daily shower, b) sticky/goopy like you say and c) generally just feel like my underarms are “cleaner”. I’m on tube 2 of nuud and don’t plan on using anything else now.

  5. Adamina Carden said:

    I just bought the two pack so I can test it – as well as my housemates. I am also a bushy babe most of the time, as is one of my housemates, and I’ve been using a salt stick, because I had a horrible incident a few years ago involving an armpit cyst and I’m now super cautious about using any sprays or roll-ons, but have found that when I’m hairy the salt needs to be reapplied more than once per day. It does last a long time, and I’ll probably just keep it in my travel bag to keep down on liquids. I’m excited to try Nuud as I’m one of the lucky few who, even though I exercise a lot, don’t get too smelly too quickly, so hoping I’ll be on the higher side of average for applications ie. 7 days.

  6. Dittlekins said:

    Hi there. I also suffer from sweaty underarms resulting more often or not in terrible BO, but I’m fairly clean shaven in the pit dept and wondering will I still reap the same effects from it despite needing to shave every 3 days? Thanks!

    • Jem said:

      Several people have said it works best on clean shaven armpits so I imagine it’d work even better for you. Some people have experienced a transition period while they literally sweat out the last of their old deodorant so you may have to give it some time to work.

  7. Lizzie said:

    Hi All,
    At last I appear to have found some sweaty kindred spirits. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.
    I used Nuud for the first time yesterday and today I’m smelly, I didn’t even exercise!!My husband found it amusing that in my half awake state this morning the first thing I did was have good sniff under my arms and then fell fast asleep again…..disappointed that I could still smell myself!!
    Unfortunately I do have to shave regularly otherwise I smell even worse so I’m hoping Nuud won’t set my pits alight like other medicated type deodorants have done previously!
    I’m guessing for those of you who sweat it was just a slower process to getting to every other/ every few days? I will of course continue to use and will hopefully have some success at some point!
    Cheers Lizzie 👍

    • Jem said:

      Hi Lizzie :)

      Nuud do say that there is a sort-of settling in period, where your armpits adjust from other deodorants that might have previously clogged your pores etc. I would recommend washing your armpits and re-applying the nuud every morning just for a couple of weeks to see if there’s any improvement. Hope your armpits adjust soon, haha :)

  8. Jay said:

    Just a quickie rubbing lemon under your pits, letting it dry the showering it off gets rid of bacteria aswell…..i may try nudd thou as i too was stalked by an advert.I currently use perspirex or dricolor which work well although. Im guessing the fact they block sweat cant be good but man sweating less feels so dam good

  9. Claire Poley-Ryan said:

    Having read this feedback I still can’t understand how nuud works for a few days when you’re showering daily or swimming etc. Doesn’t it wash off?

    • Jem said:

      One of the benefits of using nuud, and not being covered in sticky gross deodorant goop, is that I don’t need to shower daily. I can now skip showers whereas before I never would have considered it. ‘Unfortunately’ I work out regularly so still shower most days, but it’s an option if you’re not gym-mad like me.

      The website does advise that you can shower with nuud and it won’t wash off providing you don’t scrub the area, but I have found reduced effectiveness if I shower and don’t re-apply.

  10. roberta nobile said:

    This has been very helpful! Thank you dear. My question is: now that after few months your skin got used to nuud and the effects last 3-4 days, do you shower daily and just don’t apply it after every shower? Or it does need to be applied if you use soaps on your skin? Because I would anyways take a shower every morning even if I’m not stinky.
    Many thanks :)

  11. alex said:

    what I cannot get my head around is how this stays on when you shower, cleaning yourself with soap/shower gel also under your arm pits as one normally would do. how can this still work then, or should one not ise shower gel under the arm pits respectively for it to work?

    • Jem said:

      Hi Anne. Fortunately there are inventions such as the face cloth or flannel, which allow me to clean certain areas should it be required, without having a full shower. It’s not actually good for your skin and hair to shower every day – nor the environment.

  12. Holger said:

    Facebook stalked me with this as well and I’m glad I found your very helpful review. As a sweaty man I guess I’ll give it a try as I’m using up copious amounts of aluminum deodorant and feel uncomfortable doing so.

    Just one question, how do you manage wearing it more than one day with a daily shower? Don’t you wash and rub it of with a shower? Do you use anything on top after the shower?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Jem said:

      Thanks for your comment Holger. It’s important to note first and foremost that this won’t stop you from sweating, which some aluminium deodorants do, so there could still be wetness that you may not be comfortable with. (I have found that since my armpits have adjusted I sweat a lot less though.)

      With regards to showering (and this is the most popular question!): because nuud is a thin paste, rather than thick and gloopy/sticky like traditional deodorants, my armpits always feel clean, so I don’t NEED to shower every day. As long as I don’t scrub the armpit, there is sufficient deo coverage maintained to last a second day or third day. I haven’t tried more than 3-4 days yet mind you, because a) that would definitely be too much for my comfort level and b) I work out regularly so definitely need a shower after the gym.

      Hope that helps a bit.

  13. Jane said:

    Cautious about trying this – how can it work for more than one shower’s worth unless it behaves like Aluminium deoderants and blocks the sweat glands by swelling them closed? I’m keen to lower my risks of breast cancer so use Al-free ones ( Moo-goo is the best so far with Tisserand a close second and home made with bicarb nearly as good and WAY cheaper) While colloidal silver is to some degree antibacterial, I’m not convinced it would work all that well nor after washing it off.
    Interested to know the science if any of you knows.

    • Jem said:

      Hi Jane. It doesn’t block the sweat glands – you would still sweat with nuud. To not sweat AT ALL would be problematic, as you mention. The key difference (in my experience of using nuud for nearly a year now) is that the deodorant prevents the odour associated with sweating. They claim to neutralise the bacteria – I don’t know if this is the case but certainly I find myself less smelly. Further, because it’s a very thin paste as opposed to a thick gloopy deo, the armpit feels cleaner and not at all sticky, which means I don’t feel the need to shower as frequently (which is also not good for you). I do still recommend it.

  14. Nikki said:

    Just wondering how long the detox period is on average? I started using a week ago, i’m loving it, at the minute I need to use it every day (although only get a slight smell after 24hrs) am i going to be a once a dayer or am i still in detox? I used to wear antipersperant x

  15. Charlie said:

    I think I might be one of the few people nuud doesn’t seem to work for :( I’ve been using religiously for over a month and I smell awful, my boyfriend and I have agreed it’s kind of like baked beans!
    I wasn’t a hugely sweaty person but now I am sweating a lot more quickly than I ever would normally and it smells straight away, leaving some of my clothes smelling of BO even after washing and I definitely can’t wear things more than once as I used to.
    I used to use Sanex anti-persistent and didn’t think this was a particularly aggressive product but maybe it was doing a lot more than I thought!

    Any advice? If it’s not worked after 4+ weeks it’s unlikely to now right?


    • Jem said:

      Hi Charlie

      Nuud doesn’t stop you sweating – that’s not good for you – it is however supposed to neutralise the smell (which is where I find it works great). You say you smell immediately; I’d be concerned about this. The smell from sweat comes from bacteria metabolising the sweat which isn’t usually an instant thing. I’d personally be curious if there was something in my diet that was making this worse, perhaps.

      How much of the nuud are you using? I found it took a while to get used to applying the right amount – and still accidentally over-apply now, which for some bizarre reason seems to reduce effectiveness rather than increase it.

      If you’re applying the right amount and don’t have problems with body odour with other deodorants to the point where it’s making you uncomfortable, I would honestly just go back to your old deo. Like you, I used to use Sanex before nuud, and I liked that too.

  16. dmdmd said:

    I’ve been looking into this nuud product but so far I have seen not one application video or how it would look on bare armpits to go outside with a tank top. Does anyone have any experience w this? I don’t like smudgy wet deodorant, or wearing a sleeveless top and finding those deodorant creasy lines! Thank you

  17. Earthmuffin said:

    Thanks for this. Myself n a friend are thinking about going in on a double pack to try it out, but I was dubious about how it would perform for us gals who like our axillary fluff au naturale! You have answered my question. I top n tail n shower when it’s imperative so it sounds like it will be ideal, especially for travelling. Cheers.

  18. Ida said:

    Love this review and all its comments! Superexcited, just ordered it.
    Havent used a deodorant for years…I also workout every day and I hate showering (yes im weird) so I shower once a week. Been wanting to get a deodorant cause at times smell is an issue, so first I thought about the crystal deodorant thingy, but apparently it only work if u apply it straight outta the shower, so thats no good. Nuud on the other hand appeals greatly!!!
    Ok so yeah cool beans!!!

  19. lau said:

    I have been using nuud for two days and am just at a loss. not sure what i’m doing wrong. i’ve had to wash and reapply it three or four times in that timespan because it does nothing to stop the smell or sweat, in fact I think I sweat more with it on. I apply the pea sized amount suggested, let it air out, but after about half an hour it becomes this slimy mess. today i just gave in and had to wipe at it with tissue because it feels horrible. the smell is more sweat-smelling rather than the usual B.O but i feel that is more to do with the fact I’ve been washing twice a day… not happy, especially after paying like £12 inc postage for such a tiny tube. complained to them today about my problems with it so hopefully i’ll hear back soon

  20. Lizzie said:

    So glad I found and read your blog before starting my tube of Nuud cos I have started it now and I pong!!!!
    Just come back from Majorca where I used a natural salt deodorant and I had no problems with either dampness nor odour.
    I am so glad that I am trying natural stuff now I am retired as if I was still working I would be mortified that I ponged half way through the day and would have been running to my locker for the antiperspirant spray!!!!
    I will persevere with Nuud but may switch to the salt stick

  21. Lizzie said:

    I am so glad that I read your blog before starting to use Nuud because I started a few days ago and I pong!!!!!
    I have never had this problem before even in Majorca where I used a natural salt deodorant – bought because the Nuud hadn’t arrived in time before I went on holiday.
    I am so glad that I waited until I was retired before trying natural deodorant because if I was still working I would be running to my locker to get the antiperspirant spray!!!!
    Because of your blog I will persevere but may switch back to the salt stick if there is no improvement soon

  22. Kitt Tvile said:

    I just got my nuud sample and used it yesterday. I’m wondering…do I understand it right that I DON’ T use nuud again today after my shower? Even If I do smell a little?
    Love from Kitt

  23. Jen said:

    I got the lumps to. Very painful, stop using it then they go away. Start up again and a few weeks or more later they are back. It’s sad because it works perfectly apart from that.

      • sar said:

        I also had an allergic, or intolerant, reaction to nuud.
        and it was the very first time i used it within a couple of hours. So NO>>>>its not a ‘the oils have blocked your pores coz its so natural oily’!!! reaction.

        i tried it twice. not only did it cause a scaly, lumpy allergy ,which burns and is uncomfortable and painful, but i swear to god i sweated alot more whilst using it. i wasnt using deo before, and im back to using nothing and im sweating my normal sweaty amount….but not runnning down my armpit sweaty!!!

        theres definitely one ingredient that is an allergin to quite alot of people. but i cant figure it out.

        thanks thought it was just me!

  24. Laura said:

    My husband and I have both developed lumps. Been using Nuud for over a year and really like it. My husband got them first after a trip to away and so we thought it was an infection, but this week I got them too. I stopped using it for a few days lumps went away. Started again yesterday and woke up today with more lumps. We are on a long distance hike so showering less frequently than usual. We are wondering if it has something to do with the Nuud being kept on to long before showering with soap?

    A bit bizarre

  25. Catrin W said:

    I had to comment because I have been using Nuud for about 8 weeks now and I have found it amazing but last week, I developed lumps in my armpits, really sore lumps. What were yours like? I have stopped using Nuud today so I shall see what happens. I am so impressed by its efficacy that I am curious what can cause the lumps. Did you have any correspondence with Nuud on this?

    • Jem said:

      Sorry to hear you’ve had problems too. My lumps were only sore if I pressed them, I didn’t really notice them otherwise. I would definitely recommend getting checked out by your doctor just to be on the safe side / if you don’t see any improvement after avoiding the Nuud.

      I didn’t contact Nuud about my lumps – as it’s likely I’m reacting to an ingredient they’re using I didn’t really see that they could do much to help.

    • Mattyk said:

      I used one tube over six weeks and was impressed, I bought a second tube by as soon as I started using my left armpit became very sore, large red lumps and dry cracked skin, I sent photos to Nuud but never received a response, three weeks later my pit has not recovered, a really extreme reaction be very careful.
      Nuud’s failure to respond very disappointing and more than a little worrying. Avoid!

  26. Herbert S said:

    I wrote to Nuud to find out more about their packaging.
    A lot of people are falling for the “made from sugarcane” label. While it’s a good first step to produce it from a carbon-neutral source instead of oil, several things are missed.
    1. It’s still plastic (polyethylene) and will stay in the environment for many many years if not recycled. Just it being made from sugarcane doesn’t make it biodegradable. It’s just PE (made by Braskem).
    2. The sugarcane is grown in Brazil. While I don’t know more details about which farms, there is a probability that this could be on farms which used to be former rainforest.

  27. Mattyk said:

    I used one tube over six weeks and was impressed, I bought a second tube by as soon as I started using my left armpit became very sore, large red lumps and dry cracked skin, I sent photos to Nuud but never received a response, three weeks later my pit has not recovered, a really extreme reaction be very careful.
    Nuud’s failure to respond very disappointing and more than a little worrying. Avoid!

  28. Skippy said:


    I’ve been using Nuud for around 2 months and I’ve found it really effective. The last week though I’ve started to get some tender lumps under my armpits and I’m not sure whether it’s related to the deodorant. Having read about your experience, I was wondering whether you could tell me more about the lumps! I’m going to get them checked out but it would be reassuring to hear from someone who has used the same product!
    Thank you :)

    • Melisa said:

      dude, l’ve got the same problem…

      I use Nuud for nearly a year, but last month I’ve got several painful lumps and my doc told me it’s caused due to (mainly) shaving and deodorant. my doc prescribed meds so I used it and a week later they were gone. I was allowed to use my deodorant again. (YAY!!!!) I LOVE NUUD SO MUCH.
      today I’m having the same problem, right when I work out and sweat a lot. another painful f. lump. I shaved and used Nuud 3 days ago. I’ve been careful with shaving as well and it’s been 3 weeks since I got rid of the lumps, and now I’ve got those painful bastard(s) again. damn Nuud.

      WHAT can we do about this? I really swore to myself I wouldn’t use any other deodorant ever. It is THAT good and I recommened this to sooooo many people. BUT WHY AM I HAVING THIS PROBLEM :( I HATE MY BODY FOR THIS.

      sorry for overreacting :^)

      • Jem said:

        I found I had the lumps whether I shaved or not (I don’t shave very often to be honest) so it’s not the shaving causing you problems. I would try not using nuud for a couple of weeks (try going deodorant free – I do this periodically – you may find you sweat less than you think) to see if they clear up.

  29. George said:

    I too am/was a nuud convert but the same issue, 8 months after first use and the inflamed armpit lumps arrived. So annoying as up to this point I think nuud is awesome. I struggle to believe that it is an allergic reaction, due to the delayed (8 months!) reaction, but then I don’t really have allergies so maybe that is quite normal. I did wonder if it would be OK if I just cycle it with other deodorants and give my armpits a break every now and then. I’m just coming out of the ‘detox’ so I’ll try cycling. Did you ever contact nuud about it?

  30. Rosie said:

    I’ve developed armpit lumps too! I have used nuud since may without issue and about 5/6 weeks ago I’ve started to get armpit lumps. I wish I could give my armpits a breather but I work in a very busy job so need something. I will keep an eye on them but have a nuud break

  31. Kim said:

    I too have been experiencing painful lumps after a year of using nuud and loving it. I’m so glad I found this thread because my doctor just dismissed it as ingrown hairs, which I thought was unlikely after peering at the lumps for a long time and not finding any hairs. Plus I get the lumps even when I haven’t shaved. And I never before got these lumps I will try reducing the frequency of application to see if that helps – I tend to wash armpits and apply after every shower but maybe this is too often? I think I will also inform nuud because clearly this is happening to quite a few people so hopefully they will try and improve the product.

  32. Laura Eby said:

    I keep getting the lumps too! It’s to the point where I’m getting an axillary ultrasound and mammogram next week in response to them. Doctors have kept saying they’re likely an ingrown hair/infection/irritation, but it’s not. I haven’t shaved my armpits in over a year b/c I thought that could help, but nope. It’s not skin irritation – there’s no redness, rash, no visible lump or abrasions, etc. – it’s that the lymph nodes in my armpits get so inflamed that I can barely lift my arms, and can’t even wear a bra on the worst days.

    I’m devastated to think it could be caused by nuud b/c I truly thought I’d found the holy grail deodorant for life. I’d spent so many years, and so much money, trying to find a ‘natural’ deodorant that works and was so relieved to finally find this one that has just worked SO well. Ugh.

    • Jem said:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling too. I would recommend immediately stopping use of the deodorant and getting in touch with nuud directly to raise your concerns.

    • Ariana said:

      Hi! Any update on the tests to see what the lumps were?? I started having painful lumps form after about eight months of use, and they go away on their own after a few days, but my dermatologist didn’t think any of the ingredients should be causing a problem. I do scrub my armpits every shower and reapply nuud every other day. The way I DON’T smell keeps me using it despite the lumps.

  33. Jaykris Lansang said:

    Hi Jem! I recently bought nuud and tried for 4 times now. My concern is my armpits are getting darker. Did you experience this?

  34. Michael said:

    Thanks for this, I too have just made the connection myself (after about 4 months, a trip to the doctors and couple of batches of different antibiotics…)

    Despite happily using/loving Nuud for about 6 months prior, when I went on holiday to a warmer climate (and retrospectively realising I may have been applying more..) I too, started to notice painful large lumps..

    This adds a lot of clarity and piece of mind for me. Thanks again for posting :)

  35. Mark said:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been using Nuud for about 4 months and have just started getting lumps. So, now Ive stopped and will raise it with Nuud.

    When you said you went back to your old deodorant – is that a normal anti-perspirant or a more organic one?

  36. Nyomi said:

    Great review. I’ve just started using it but it seems to be doing nothing for me yet. We’ll see I guess! Sorry you ended up reacting to it, hope that doesn’t happen to me too!

  37. Georgia said:

    Thanks for this review. I’d been using nuud for over a year when I started getting lumps. It’s so annoying because I bought 3 tubes as part of an offer to save money in the long run, and now I can’t even use it😩

  38. Alice said:

    I loved Nuud because it is so efficient but unfortunately I’m part of the “lumps club” too…
    Goodbye Nuud, it’s been real.

  39. Henrik Samsøe said:

    I can join in on the lumps. Only under my left arm using same amount though. I stopped using for a while and they went away thinking I’ll give it another shot just applying smaller amounts. But they are back with a vengeance hurting. So bummed out as it worked very well for me.

  40. Nicola Stone said:

    Used nud for about 9 months now as I’m allergic to most deodorant and I’ve now started getting lots of painful arm pit lumps never had anything like this before such a shame nudd worked so well for me up to the lumps

  41. Angela Rodrigues de Carvalho said:

    I started using Nuud 2 months ago and now u have huge lumps on my armpits, going to the doctor tomorrow because is too painful. No more Nuud to me.

  42. Tash said:

    Thanks for writing this review Jem, it’s the first time I’ve found other people with the same issue. I have been using Nuud since January 2019, so over 2 years. It works for me applying every other day – anything less and I definitely start to smell. Since the beginning though, I’ve regularly had those painful armpit lumps. The first time it was both armpits, but pretty much the rest of the time it has been just the left armpit. Right now there are 2 pea sized lumps. In the past it has varied – sometimes a few pea sized lumps, other times bigger and flatter, but just as tender and painful. I went to the doctor about it, and she said it sounds like blocked pores and to try to ensure my razor is always sharp, or to try not shaving and see if that works. I tried using less often. I tried not shaving. I’m still getting the painful lumps. I may have to stop using it. Which I’m really disappointed about. I’ll also contact Nuud to at least let them know this isn’t necessarily just a few people.

    • Jem said:

      Sorry to read you’ve had the same issues Tash – it’s worrying how common this seems to be. I wonder which ingredient it is that causes the issue? I’ve not had a single lump since I stopped using it. Good luck!

  43. Melay said:

    I’ve been using Nuud for 2 months now and I noticed Iumps in both my armpits. The first time I noticed that I have lump was in June and just like you, the lump went away on its own when I stopped using Nuud. But I still continued using it after and now it frustrates me that I have lumps in both armpits again. Do I need to stop using the deodorant? I hate the thought that I need to stop using it since it really works but these lumps are giving me great worry.

    • Jem said:

      I am not a doctor, so obviously my advice is meaningless on its own, but if the lumps aren’t bothering you then you’re probably fine to continue using it. My worry was that they might become infected or cause problems later on, so I stopped using it.

  44. Murilo said:

    This post saved me another health anxiety related crisis in my life! Haha. I’ve been wondering why I’d have the lumps since there’s no clear infection or other symptoms, and they always came back when I got back to Nuud. I was then checking the formula again and besides being a blocker of the pores, it’s made with Almond Oil. So if you’re allergic to Almonds or have a crossed allergy from
    Birch tree pollen it could be that your body is reacting to the Almond Oil contained in Nuud.
    That’s at least the case for me, I’ve also been a fanboy but well… so long Nuud!

  45. Din said:

    I started using Nuud last Sept 15, 2021. After a month of using it, I noted my armpits darkened, felt dry and developed tender lumps. I stopped using it 2 days ago. Hopefully, the lumps disappear. 😔

  46. Rupali said:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not imagining and this is a real issue. While I do think the product works, noticed my underarms darkening and lumps in my armpits which are sometimes quite tender. Sadly I will discontinue using it. I do wish that more such reviews would pop up. This was the only blog that referred to this side effect.

  47. Annemarie said:

    Thanks so much for this post! I have been using nuud for ages& also have weirdly swollen lymph that there’s no explanation for… I’ve been thinking it’s because of nuud but couldn’t find any info out there apart from this! Going to stop use for a while & see if that helps!

  48. Jade S said:

    I use to have bumps but I started exfoliating after washing armpits and before applying and I know longer get the bumps anymore


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