I followed a bunch of bloggers on twitter today. My grand plan is to follow, be inspired by their energy and regular posting, and thus start posting regularly again.


Realistically, however, I’ve already noticed a worrying trend amongst these ~cool~ bloggers: they’re all young twenty-somethings with no kids, no mortgage and very few of the responsibilities and boring bits of life dragging them down.

(That’s not a diss on these bloggers, rather just a reflection on my own boring existence.)

Of course this made me think back to my own heady days of popularity and millions of pageviews and comments and general life-validation through the medium that is the blog, and I realised I too was a young twenty-something with no kids, no mortgage and few responsibilities.

Obviously the key to being a successful blogger lies somewhere in that revelation… time to sell the kids and the house I guess.


  1. Hahah :))

    But remember Dooce? She was one of the first “mommybloggers” to monetize her blog, but did it at the cost of her children’s privacy. Not the best solution, either.

    • Jem

      01 Sep at 4:50 pm

      I do wonder what it’s like growing up where you whole life is online and there’s nothing you can do about it. I wonder if her kids will resent that when they’re older?

  2. Good one! You are so funny! So what’s next in bloggers life?

  3. Back in the heyday of blogging, I think we were all those young teen-and-twentysomethings with no responsibilities being brought down by the boring bits of life. And we made our fun through drama with other bloggers. Lol.

    It’s definitely weird having a different perspective, and seeing how blogging has evolved.

    If you find a definite source of blogging inspiration though, let me in on it. I’ve been dragging my feet as well.