Children’s birthday parties are exhausting

That’s it. The milestone I was dreading has come and gone. We have a lot of ‘seven’ left to go, but that initial mountain has been climbed and conquered.

Not made any easier by the organisation of the birthday party, because some bright spark thought that’d be a great idea.

For some reason, when I do stuff like this, I don’t like to do it by halves. Why buy a couple of frozen pizzas, some biscuits and sausage rolls when you can make your own pizza dough, bake your own mini quiches (that none of the kids will eat anyway), dip pretzels in chocolate and create breadstick ‘sparklers’..?


And indeed, why stop there? If making your own party food isn’t hassle enough, why not spend 3 days building an elaborate rainbow layered My Little Pony birthday cake featuring fondant icing that you will inevitably roll too thin so will fall apart when you try to put it on the far-too-tall birthday cake…


Still, I’m nothing if not a show off. And we got through the party without death, disease or tragedy, so it’s a win for a month that has been otherwise pretty crap so far.

And I only drank 4 glasses of vodka & lemonade to get me through it.


  1. Well done Jem, your hard work and ambition paid off and the cake (and everything else) looks fantastic. <3

  2. That cake….. woweeee 🦄 😍

  3. In all fairness I helped as much as I could with the mini quiches (I refuse to admit to how many I ate) The cake was fab and the party was a resounding success! It’s 3 1/2 glass of V&L though… Oliver managed to get a good swig before he realised it wasn’t the lemonade he thought it was. His shudder was a picture :o)x