The Good Life

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Yes, my weekend was like a scene from The Good Life. Plotting, digging, planting, re-potting, etc. We have Grand Plans to turn the garden (right; not to scale) into something both beautiful and practical over the coming year. Fruit, veg, and flowers for the bees… read full entry →

The Great Car Hunt

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If you’ve got me on Facepoop or twitter, you’ll have seen my recent car-hunt adventures. It’s surprisingly hard to find a car that is both small (physical size and engine) but also big enough enough to hold a rear-facing car seat. In 2010, we made… read full entry →

What do you want to do?

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Just saw an interesting thread on one of the forums I visit, “what do you want to do?” So I had a think about it, and here’s my list (in no particular order): Have more children (at least one), keep chickens, become more self-sufficient, work… read full entry →

No wonder we have a debt crisis


I applied for a credit card today, and on the form was asked my job: It’s no wonder there’s a global problem with debt if school-aged children can apply for credit.

On “Mommy Wars”

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So, I’m reading this post where one mum rants about the reaction another mum got for admitting she’s letting her kid “CIO” (cry it out). I’ve talked about CIO and sleep training before, you know I don’t like it, so I won’t go over old… read full entry →

My cheaty leftover-lamb curry

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I will start this post by warning you that I make my curries by throwing lots of stuff into a pan until it tastes vaguely like a curry. You could quite easily add/take away from this without it having a massive effect (e.g. I add… read full entry →

A little bit more meat

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(Because the alternative is telling you all about the fact that Isabel specifically requested my presence in the bathroom yesterday to show off her “BIIIIIIIIG poo!” … oh.) As per previous post, I had my Well Hung Meat meatbox on Friday, complete with a shoulder… read full entry →

Going Back to Well Hung Meat

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Some of you may remember that at the end of November I wrote an entry expressing disappointment with the organic meat box delivery company Well Hung Meat. Within a couple of days of writing the post, Adam from The Well Hung Meat Company got in… read full entry →