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WordPress 2.7 Can Suck My Balls

 |  Interwebs

At this precise moment in time I’m supposed to be telling you all about why I love the quilting bee. I was going to break the news about the secret upcoming project that’s going to increase the interactivity of the club tenfold and convince all you naysayers to finally get off your butts and join; the secret project that the members don’t even know about yet. Unfortunately, WordPress chose today as a great day to implode on me, and thus, the secret project shall remain exactly that.

I upgraded to the new WordPress yesterday. I like the new admin panel, and had already upgraded both my local copy and a couple of other online projects with relative ease… as easy as it normally is to back-up and upgrade WordPress. Aside from waiting 3 hours for all the bloat code to upload, the entire thing takes minutes, if that. And yet, I finally went to bed some time after midnight last night (partially caused by Lethal Weapon 4, I admit) leaving my blog admin panel in a state of disarray thanks to a lovely PHP fatal error.

For some absurd reason, something went wrong… somewhere. Not only was I incapable of editing entries, or even viewing the Comments / Comments in Moderation pages, I also had a scheduled post due to go up that WordPress kindly labelled as Missed schedule for me. Yeah, thanks for that. How about just publishing the bloody thing next time?

On top of that, I log in and find my error_log full of:

[15-Dec-2008 10:59:53] WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘35206’ WHERE option_name = ‘akismet_spam_count’ made by wp_new_comment, apply_filters, call_user_func_array, akismet_auto_check_comment, update_option

…amongst yet more fatal bloody errors.

So now I’m sat here, looking like a fucking idiot because I’m a professional web developer and I can’t even upgrade a simple script properly. I wiped out wp-content with only 04/08-10/08 folder back-ups, which means any image I’ve uploaded in the past 2 months, I’ve lost my smilies again, and I need up poke my theme before I can re-upload it and make my site look like something other than a generic shitty splog.

Fuck you WordPress.

Ranty Update #1: Oh FUCKING HELL. Now comments aren’t posting, and my plugins are all fried. DIE DAMN YOU.

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14 comments so far

  1. Aimée said:

    Ouch. Not much of a Christmas gift from Wodpress, eh? Good luck getting everything back in order, though I have faith you’ll sort it out in no time.

  2. Tracy said:

    Ouch. Something went wrong with my first upload too though (don’t ask me what, because I just did deleted and uploaded the new folders) so I just uploaded them again and then it worked. Odd.

    Good luck with WP.

  3. Vixx said:

    Seems to be going through okay now? Although, apparently, my last comment on this entry was eaten …

    And WP does not smell of wee! Pft. I upgraded to 2.7 without incident. Not everyone can write their own CMS, so WP fills the void nicely. :P

    V xx

  4. Gypsy Kid said:

    That is lame that the new version caused problems for you. I have yet to upgrade my wordpress and this post makes me scared to do so. I think I will stay with the version I am currently using.

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