Nintendo DS: Star Wars

I bought Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the Nintendo DS on Friday and while it’s quite cute, I’m stuck already. I’m on episode I, part 4 and just seem to be going round and round in circles. I would google for the solution, but I hate “giving up” when the game has barely started yet.

When’s the best time to admit defeat?


  1. YOU are not allowed to admit defeat. Stick at it. Be strong! You’ll get there eventually!

  2. Never. Perseverance is key :).

  3. I admit defeat when I begin to lose interest. So long as I keep myself motivated and feel challenged, I don’t give up!

  4. Personally, I love using walkthroughs when I’m lost. :P You just look at WHERE you have to go next, or HOW to make it there, then you continue on your own. You’re not really admitting to complete defeat. What type of game is it? It is more of an action game?

  5. Jem

    25 Mar at 8:43 pm

    @Julie: it’s the Lego Star Wars game (I forgot to mention that in my post!) so it’s a kind of cute shooty-bang-bang platformer. If that makes sense? :p

  6. Keep at it. If it you still don’t know, just Google it. :D

  7. What is this defeat you speak of? I play games with the guide in my lap :P Seriously, if it makes you throw the controller or walk away in frustration, it’s time to turn it off, cool down, and go back to the game after checking ye old GameFAQs. It’s supposed to be a hobby for Christ’s sake, not your ticket to hypertension.

  8. Lie and say you figured it out yourself. Who will know? :3

  9. When you’re 4/5ths of the way through Battallion Wars II and you cannot liberate Gorgisburg from the xylvanians. Fuckers :(

  10. I have the original Lego Star Wars for our PS2 and play the complete saga on the Wii everyday. I love it! Episode I, part 4 is the pod race, right? I’m a pro at that level now!

  11. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out soon, Jem. ^_^ Tell me you’ve heard of GameFaqs? The website is the name plus a .com (I didn’t want to be tossed in the “spam” category. :P) Anyway…The ONLY time I’ll look at a walkthrough is if I’ve spent hours trying to figure something out and getting beyond frustrated. Usually it’s me missing some minute detail. v_v Anyway, best of luck figuring it out, yes?

  12. When the game becomes more frustrating than fun for you.

  13. Ahh, I love those LEGO Star Wars games! I have the two individual ones on Gamecube. :) Is Episode I Part 4 the part that involves podracing? Because there isn’t really a solution for it, except for win the race somehow. It took at least an hour to get through that one part.

  14. There is no shame in admitting you are beaten. The next step would be simply to either start again and keep trying until you do get past this point, or you could just give up altogether and try something simpler like…what am I saying?? Get back on that game and kick some ass!

  15. Jem

    26 Mar at 11:21 am

    @Michelle/Kycoo: no, the podrace was part 3. I’ve done that one. Level 4 you’ve got to get Anakin in the travel chute to get him over to the platform that you can see t’other side of a huge gap. It was there I was getting stuck – I couldn’t seem to get any character in the chute. I ended up using the walkthrough and then kicking myself because I’d figured it out all along, I just wasn’t hadn’t pressed A to enter the chute. Lame-o!

  16. I remember playing FFVIII long ago and wanting to commit suicide because i had missed a summon -_- so now while i still don’t like to cheat per se… keeping a walk through handy is never a bad thing.

  17. There’s nothing wrong with using help, that’s why it’s available. Try, there’s guides there. So long as you don’t use it as a crutch for the aprts you can handle on your own, I don’t see a problem with it.

  18. Using a walkthrough isn’t cheating in my “unhumble” opinion. It’s not like you’re checking every move. Besides, it’s an action game, walkthroughs don’t push the buttons for you. I always use walkthroughs when playing Final Fantasy games because there are so many spells and items you can miss if you don’t.

  19. Level 4 you’ve got to get Anakin in the travel chute to get him over to the platform that you can see t’other side of a huge gap. Oh, that took me ages to figure out. I spent so much time trying to work out the correct starting point to fly R2D2 over before finally figuring out what the chute actually was. I’m currently stuck on Jabba’s Palace at the moment, and walkthroughs aren’t helping. D: But still: Lego Star Wars is so darn cute… except for the first half hour where I kept swearing at Obi-Wan to get out of the way of my lightsaber. I kept killing him so many times…

  20. On the PS2 and Wii the fourth level is the pod race. I’ve been wondering how different the DS version is. The GameBoy Advance version is a lot different. If I remember right, I had trouble with the part you were when I first played the game. Some parts get tricky and once you actually get through it, you realize just how easy it actually was. Heh

  21. 3rd or 4th death is when i quit

  22. so when will you lend me this game? i compleated the zelda DS game in four days thanks to