1. Arrgh, I’d help, but I can’t spend cash online. My parents would never let me… in a million years. I’ll hope for success, though. OmigoshIlovetheWebDeveloperToolbar.

  2. YAY THANK YOU FOR THE PLUGGAGE :D *Hugglesquashes Jem*

  3. *Tumbleweed* See, you mention charity and people flee XD Either that or it was because you mentioned me… I tend to have that effect on people, it seems :P

  4. Jem

    27 Mar at 10:01 am

    ..and yet people are willing to pay out cash to beggars like Jenn and Krissy because they’re too lazy to get off their arses and earn the cash to buy their own laptops, screens, iPods, baby clothes, etc. What a sad state of affairs.

  5. I have every intention of donating…I’m just waiting for the 1st of April – My bloody card has expired and I’m waiting for the new one to be valid. Best of luck to Amelie’s Dad… I’ll be plugging the cause next time I blog, if that’s ok Claire x

  6. Jem

    27 Mar at 11:57 am

    I guilted someone into donating, yay! I kid, I kid. Thank you Claire. :)

  7. ah Jem, you jest… ;) My conscience is clear, I’ve not bought one baby-gro, nor made one referral. :P It seems a fitting donation in any case – it’s the first anniversary of my grandfather’s passing in April (he was suffering with bladder cancer and leukemia and was undergoing radiotherapy treatment at the time of his death).

  8. Hurrah! More pluggage :D Thanks!