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Old People Suck

 |  Misc, Personal

I have come to the conclusion that old people suck. Not in that naughty XXX kind of way that some of you are thinking of.. but that pain-in-the-ass kind of way that I absolutely hate.

Don’t get me wrong, after reading a (kids.. sshh) book on the First and Second World Wars this last week I have nothing but respect for those people who were there and fought and died and all that stuff that problem guaranteed my relative freedom in the world today.. but why the heck do most of the rest of them have no manners?

I was brought up to respect my elders, to open doors, to say please and thank you, etc etc — the usual polite crap that we have to do to be considered a nice person. So, why is it that several times today while I was walking around the local indoor/outdoor market did I move out the the way for ’em, let them in front of me at the stall queues, hold doors open and the like, and yet I still got glared at as if I was teenage scum and twice some old biddy ran her bloody shopping cart thing into my leg? I’m not exactly a small person, she couldn’t have missed me twice.

It was only ’cause I was with my mother that I didn’t say EXCUSE ME really loud like I usually would. I can’t possibly let her realise that I’ve got a problem with old people.

Please don’t read this Granddad.

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  1. Rosemarie said:

    yick, I know :P I’ve had an old lady attempt to steal my coffee and then stare at me accusingly when I say, “excuse me, but I think that’s mine” She starts to walk off with it anyway, until the coffee shop person stopped her. O_o

  2. Katy said:

    especially the ones that walk really slowly but make sure they’re in the most awkward place possible so there’s no way over overtaking them

  3. Stephanie said:

    Question: shouldn’t you have asked your grandpa not to read this BEFORE you went on with the entry? I find most cranky old people are those who didn’t get to do what they wanted with their life and therefore are riddled with self displeasure. As psychological as it sounds, it makes sense. They’re old, not inhuman. If us young people are able to feel self-loathing, then so are they.

  4. Lynn said:

    I don’t know why they do that but boy does it get on my nerves. Though I do love your message to your granddad at the END of the entry. =P Jem, please don’t hang me for getting a bit off topic here but is your blogging script available for use? Just wondering.

  5. Lynn said:

    “Question: shouldn’t you have asked your grandpa not to read this BEFORE you went on with the entry?” Haha, apparently Cherr agreed with me!

  6. Amelie said:

    I don’t like old people either. They have this knack of stopping in right in front of you and making it look like a crime if you try to “overtake”. Example: I’m shopping, I’m walking up and down the aisles, following Mr. or Mrs. Elderly. They’re walking rather slowly but I’m patient and wait. Then they stop and reverse their trolley without looking behind them/plonk their trolley between me and them while they take ages to look at some product/just stand there. I think “right, ok” and try to move past but Mr./Mrs. Elderly seems to think it’s fun to make that task impossible. If ever I do manage it, I get glared at. Gah! Gah! Gah!

  7. Rosemarie said:

    I can hardly wait till I’m old. I’m gonna spontaniously burst into dirty, dirty descriptions of my sex life, and make weird barking noises. No one will get mad, because hey! I’m old! It’ll be great.

  8. Stephanie said:

    Rosemarie – my boyfriend has a great scheme for when he’s old. He’s gonna buy a house near an elementary school so there will be little kids walking on his lawn as they come home. Then, as they walk past, he’ll be sitting on his porch and when they get near his yard, he’ll start screaming, “GET AWAY FROM MY ROSES!!!” and shaking his cane at them. Except, there won’t be any roses.

  9. Shannon said:

    Ha! I just posted a blog entry like this on my Xanga (I think Xanga’s okay, mostly use it to play with, heh) on these fat old ladies who couldn’t even get up from their chairs because of their bloating-ness. And they started insulting people in their discussions, and they basically insulted my dad! Saying that he’s so bad mannered because he made me hold something which I volunteered to hold! And they started pointing and I was really mad. So I smiled all nice-mannered ish and said “Oh! It’s not heavy! I volunteered to hold it!” and smiled wider to piss them off because of all those insults. It worked, and I left them there stunned.

  10. Shannon said:

    Oh! And at Costco, before, these old men started racing shopping carts once or something. And they KEPT SLAMMING INTO ME. I was just a 7-year-old for goshes sakes! Same thing happened when I was nine and with these old women.

  11. Heather said:

    Ugh. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I was taught to respect my elders, and I do, but I definitely find that the respect does not go both ways, and it should.

  12. Vera said:

    ouch that’s mean… I know that feeling. I generally just stare at the person inquisitively and try to ignore him/her after a while. Who knows? Maybe your hairdo as too punk??

  13. Jem said:

    “Question: shouldn’t you have asked your grandpa not to read this BEFORE you went on with the entry?”.. yeah, that was meant to be funny. Y’know, kind of redundant warning. Oh, never mind :P

  14. Amanda said:

    I don’t know, for some reason, old people love me. I think it’s because I wear glasses and LOOK respectable and quiet and well-behaved. (emphasis on the look :P)

  15. Jordie said:

    I think old people are entitled to some respect for all they’ve done in their lives and all they have to deal with in old age, but there are weirdoes in every breed, and old people can be horribly rude. Respect’s a two-way street; it doesn’t just come packaged with old age. I am always nice to old people, I give them space. I once even offered an elderly woman with a walker some help, because she looked like she had trouble opening a particularly heavy door. But I would do the same for anyone, regardless of age, and if a sweet little old lady kicks me and runs off with my coffee, she’s not going to get a different reaction.

  16. Tiddley said:

    I hate it when people assume I’m one of those horrible chav-like slutty scum like some people in my year group. (No offence to them… or maybe a teensy bit?) I’m just a nice little girl, honest! x_x

  17. Shaun said:

    You forgot the most annoying part, when they can’t smell anything and refuse to bathe because they think they don’t smell bad.

  18. Echo said:

    Some old people are -really- rude seemingly just because they’re old, but then at the same time young people are too- and I guess if you’re an asshole when you’re young you grow old to be an asshole, eh? Mostly old women seem to react to me in one of two ways- they either -really- like me because I’m adorable and sweet and helpful or they -really- hate me because I’m adorable and sweet and helpful. I don’t know -why- but some of them really do seem annoyed by the fact that I’m happy and look younger than I am. Like I’m after their men or something. I’m very rarely around old men, so I dunno what to say about them. Some of them make me angry, but I try very hard not to judge them as a whole- I mean, age is -really- not a reason to sterotype people.

  19. Jem said:

    “but then at the same time young people are too” – Oh, I think all young people are generally rude so I didn’t see the point in including them. ;)

  20. Sam said:

    I am also irritated by inconsiderate people that ignore me and seem to make more of an effort to be in my way than they try to stay out of my way. I am also irritated by people dumping on others without being constructive. I especially resent sterotyping people in the manner here. I arrived here from a link in which Jem said she is proud of her big “boobas”. I am sorry if my comment is incorrect, but I do wonder whether it is coincidental that a woman gifted with big breasts is also a person that sterotypes others. Do the people here truly believe that all old people are inconsiderate? I wonder if all you that think that are also people with big breasts. I am very relieved that Jem posted her last comment prior to mine. Fortunately, her comment restores the subject to a more reasonable one. I realize that people will say they are just having a little fun. I hope my comments will be interpreted in a corresponding manner. I especially hope it is not improper for me to have a little fun about Jem’s breasts. For some reason I am getting: Input Error The e-mail address “” isn’t valid. Please edit it and try again: Yet that email address is valid. So I will try to use an invalid email address.

  21. Ncik said:

    Old people are not all anoying there are those who lived good fullfilling lives and are well rounded people with good social skills, but then there are those who simply suck, and probably even are hated the their own families, they are the onces are a pesimistic, rude, judgemental, and always play the helpless game like they are retarted when it comes to doing anything, and the worst part about that is that they actually think they are pulling the curtain over your eyes and their bullshit manipulation tricks work, but really your just keeping your mouth shut and doing something for them becasue they are old. I find it rather insulting to my intelligence. Let me tell you a story about my Grandma. My Grandpa recently went to nursing home and my Grandma was constently calling up anyone she could get a hold in my family fake crying about how sad it is and how lonely she is, when before she was contently calling everyone and saying how annoying he was, and how we needed to step up and take responsability for him, oh and also having him doped to point of not functioning and lying to us about that too, so my sister go’s and get’s my Grandma a dog becase she says she has always wanted a pug, now that is the newest problem in her life, he keeps having skin problems becasue she keeps feeding him people food after the vet has told her numorous times to not do that, and then calls my sister up to take the dog to the vet for his skin problems because she doesn’t know how to go to the vets that is right across the street, literally from my Grandpas nursing that she go’s to every day, when she is the one causing the skin problems. She is the definition of an annoying old BITCH

  22. Grant Mc said:

    i here that when i was about 8 or 9 i was cycling up and down my street on the pavement and the too old ladies that i passed goes “that’s bloody terrible, little shit he should be on the road with a bike” i was bloody 8 or 9 damn…

  23. Mar said:

    I think the point that some here are missing is that old people are just that- people. One day you too will be old, with luck. Traits you so loathe in the elderly, such as rudeness, can be ascribed to every walk of life, of every age. People are rude. That’s the way it is. Just don’t be one yourself. Like today, when it was pouring rain and I was walking on the sidewalk, and a huge SUV roars by, drenching every last bit of me that was dry. Slowing down even just a little bit would have minimized the water- output. But there’s lots of good people too, like this old lady who was on the bus the other day, who gave me the seat beside her when the bus was packed (mighta been because I was falling all over the place: I’m balanced challenged).

  24. Kayleigh said:

    dya know what!? I don’ know how old this thread is, old people are crap!! I waited outside a shop to let half a dozen people outta a shop (all old) and NOT ONE said thank you!! Imagine doing something for the kids on the corner that drink the white lightning. You’d at least get a ‘oh, cheers mate!’ from them but not even so much as a thank you. I am 6 months pregnant too and was asked to get outta my seat so an old lady could sit there!!! FUCK OFF, I WAS HERE FIRST!! bearing in mind I have been diagnosed with SPD (pelvic problem) and sciatica (nerve problem in back and legs thing) i was NOT giving that seat up!!

  25. Mawe said:

    Hey, this is exactly what I’m talking about! I made a post about how I think old people suck about a year ago, and I just revived it on my new blog. 100% agree with you there, haha!

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