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I’m Pregnant! (not really)

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Uh, no, not really. I lied. But anyone using the Firefox live bookmarks thing with my RSS feed will see that sensational post title and come rushing over to my site. This is where they’ll see some equally important gossip: I have a new job! Yes, fine ladies and gentleman, as of August 28th I will no longer be ICT Technician and general flunky to all at a nearby school, I will be the Web Developer (slash designer) for a local marketing company where I’ll get to work with clients and do important websites and stuff.

After attending two interviews, doing an example design for a potential client and demonstrating that I am the best damned web developer in the entire world *cough* I was taken on yesterday. Of course, the small matter of already having a job was a potential flaw in the whole plan, but after speaking to the people who officially employ me who then spoke to the school, I was let off a weeks notice that I would have had to serve, allowing me to start on the pre-arranged date.

This is great news for me (as you might have gathered) because I’ve not been happy with certain elements of my old job for a while and I have been dying to get back into coding. Fixing the same problems on the same computers day in/day out just wasn’t really cutting it for me. Heyho, it was experience, a potential future reference, and the source of my income since March — can’t complain too much.

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