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Hypocrite = Me!

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As Jordie kindly pointed out yesterday, my slightly ranty post boasting about my hits makes me a complete hypocrite because I’m constantly banging on at other people to not rise to idiots. Of course, by idiots, I mean those leaving stupid questions on my FAQ page (most of which got deleted, I don’t know why you all went looking :P) and not Sonya. She might be naive but she’s not an idiot.

The reason why I posted was because I’d got fed up of people assuming that they knew me based on the things I’ve put in my blog, or on forums, or in my LJ. The really hypocritical thing of it all is that I am exactly the same. There are people I don’t like, online, because of things they’ve said and done and yet I barely know them at all. Of course, some of these people really are extremely irritating and don’t deserve my attention anyway..

So, thank you for your kind comments everyone (I’m never going to complain about getting my ego stroked) but really the issue is my own. Unfortunately the internet doesn’t have a big IGNORE button, it’s something I’ve got to manage myself. :|

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