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Common Cold Affects Testicles

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Note: this entry was originally posted in 2006 because I’d noticed someone had vandalised the “common cold” wikipedia entry. Since then, this page has received thousands upon thousands of hits from people searching for an answer to why their testicles hurt when they’ve got a cold/the flu. I can only assume it’s common for your balls to hurt when you have a cold. That said, if you’re worried, go see a doctor dudes!


So, I’m just looking for potential remedies to try and get rid of this immense whole-body ache, sore throat, general lethargy, temperature fluctuations etc.. and I come across the common cold article in wikipedia. Imagine my surprise when I see the following text:

common cold affects testicles

Now, I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure the common cold doesn’t affect the testicles. (Somebody, please, correct me if I’m wrong?!) (eta: it’s been fixed. Glad I took that screenshot!)

I do wonder if I have the flu instead of a cold though. I’ve got a massive headache that immediately worsens if I move my head at all, my throat feels like I’ve swallowed a cheese grater and my entire body aches. I also had this weird temperature thing last night where the more layers I put on, the colder I got, causing pretty violent shivers. I’m even finding it hard to gather the energy to type, which is bloody rare for me. I’m looking for more sympathy here people…

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  1. D said:

    Aww I’ll give you sympathy. That definitely sounds like a virus (I had something like that not too long ago). I took a vitamin C pill every day and drank tea and soup. And it still took me two weeks to kick it. I hope you get well soon. I don’t know about the testicle thing =\ Maybe a guy can confirm/deny that.

  2. Daz said:

    I was just discussing this with a friend over IM. In the time it took me to load the page up (after looking at this), link it to him, and ask his opinions on it it had changed back to the non-testicle version! Weird…

  3. Corinne said:

    You probably do have the flu. That’s pretty much what I felt like when I had it. People always say drink warm liquids, but I always eat ice when I start to get sick. I had a cold 2 Fridays ago, and by Monday, I was practically perfect again.

  4. Malin said:

    Sounds like the flu to me :( As long as you don’t pass over it to me I would gladly hand you something warm to drink, something good to eat and…. wait, don’t you have Karl to do this? :P

  5. Hillarie said:

    @Amelie: It would seem that the guy loves his testicles…OKAY! I can’t believe I just said that…maybe English isn’t his first language? Erm, anyhow… Jem, it’s probably the flu…I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Chans said:

    Ah Jem, I hope you feel better soon, it sucks to feel like this. Now you know why men make such a fuss when they are ill, they have it soooo much worse! ;-) Yeah poor guys, help me remember to feel sorry for them next time they pretend they won’t survive the common cold or flu ;)

  7. Elea said:

    What do you think are the chances that whoever made that edit was a guy? And that he probably thought it was the funniest thing ever, or at least close?

  8. Maggie said:

    I know how you feel I have something very similar. Of course its first day of final for me ;)My sore throat is going away it was really bad over the weekend, but I can’t breathe hardly at all. So you know everyone chose today to burn stuff and dig up dirt while I was trying to drive home!

  9. Stephanie said:

    The common cold shouldn’t affect the testicles! The problem with Wikipedia is that it can be edited by anyone, so some random idiot trying to be funny probably added that in there. I would guess that you might have, not pneumonia, but maybe bronchitis. Both are very curable…thank goodness!

  10. Stephen said:

    You can tell the flu because it gives you a body-ache, which a cold does not. You also get a much higher temperature and are much weaker. Most viruses concentrate in the testicles, and you apparently can catch a cold through sex (though you’ve probably been kissing then, too). Some illnesses directly affect the testicles, such as mumps, and can even be dangerous; don’t think cold or pneumonia do, though.

  11. Shannon said:

    Have you ever seen The Colbert Report (though I doubt it)? There was one episode where he proved that Wikipedia was not really reliable. Ha. He told people to write on Wikipedia that the population of elephants have tripled in the last three months. A minute later, Wikipedia had to shut down the editing on that article to stop the spam. And being sick is no fun. I never seem to get well. So I just make cheap canned soup.

  12. Mary said:

    Ugh, being sick is absolutely no fun. Do what I do and have a large carton of orange juice every morning, afternoon, and evening, and you should be better in a week. I don’t even like orange juice, but it always works.

  13. Mumblies said:

    Testicles hey? Hmmmm no wonder men always seem to get “manflu” and us poor girls just get a cold in the head. Hope you feel better soon Jem :o)

  14. Bee said:

    Hi Jem, I’m reading your stuff since weeks and now I wanna write something too. Well, yes, uhm, no arguments here but ROFL oh and yes, I hope you are very well very soon ;)

  15. Amber said:

    Men really do get man flu, you know. Apparently it’s because their immune system isn’t as developed as a womans. So, you see, women really [i]are[/i] the superior sex (okay, I’m joking, but it sounded funny in my head).

  16. Vera said:

    *giggles* Oh you’ve got it bad… even when cold and feeling down you look the “common cold” up on wikipedia. Then again, I’m the same… with the added bonus of ignoring it, sitting in my PJ’s a freezing room typing away at some forum… and then I wonder why the whole room is spinning. I hope you’ll get better soon. Apparently aspirin and lots of rest should do the job. Or that’s what my parents always scream at me. I tend to ignore them – and thus my cold lasts ‘eons’.

  17. Shawna said:

    I had a cold with a sore throat about 9 times last year. I learned that: those throat numbing sprays and cough drops with Phenol as the active ingredient are priceless for sore throats, AND “nasal irrigation” actually works really well to relieve congestion. My allergist recommended it to me and I thought she was crazy. But, eventually… you get desperate. My “avoid a cold” and “cure a cold” rules are basically the same: sleep lots, drink lots (of water, not alcohol!), and take lots of vitamin C. I haven’t had the flu in a long time, so Google is your best friend on that one.

  18. Peter Green said:

    What do you think are the chances that whoever made that edit was a guy? And that he probably thought it was the funniest thing ever, or at least close? You mean it wasn’t the funniest thing ever? :-( I thought taking the piss out of men was very funny! We really do make a song and dance about illness! Don’t you think that’s funny? I do!

  19. Six said:

    Jem, I’m sorry to hear that you and your testicles aren’t feeling well. Sleep as much as you can. You’ve probably gotten sick because you’ve overworked yourself and weakened your immune system. I know you’re a badass and all, but don’t go overboard, ‘mm-kay? Have a cuppa, and take your arse back to bed. Feel better soon! :)

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