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Lots of Nothing

 |  Parenting, Work

Lots of nothing — that’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently. I am currently lacking motivation to do anything but this is probably not helped my the stupendous heat and the lack of a job.

As I rather pessimistically guessed, they’ve not taken me on full time at work. Apparently I’m only good enough for summer work. No, really — they have no budget for new staff or something. It’s a shame because the job is both convenient and within my knowledge “boundaries”. I get on with the others that work there and I know all the staff because I studied there for three years. Heyho — job searching is so much fun!

My nephew has been named: Dylan Keith. I can’t guarantee the spelling of “Dylan” but that’s about right I think. I’m about to pop ’round and see him (well, his Mummy) actually. :D Ah, the life of the unemployed. Well, off I go…

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