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Fat Coppers

 |  Misc, Personal

Turns out my new website look/thingy might not be up when I come home after all.

Karl and I were woken at 11ish this morning by a group of fat policemen. Ok, so not all of them were fat but they were certainly coppers. Apparently someone has signed up to Ebay and has sold/was selling a camera that they *THINK* was stolen from Telford (where I live) in July. It’s now mid-August and they’ve raided Karl’s house in Shrewsbury to look for this stolen camera.

They’ve taken ALL of the computers from Karl’s place – that includes my laptop (with my new website, my new VB work, my hand-written piece of Javascript from last night..), Karl’s laptop (which contains the school website he’s been working on all summer), Karl’s main PC upstairs, Karl’s spare crappy ‘server’ in the shed, Karl’s Mum’s PC (with all of her accounts work on).. everything.

I am just really fucked off because I only got my trial yesterday. I NEED to use it, practise/etc.. so I can do Programming Year 2 in college which I can only do because the lecturer has got me on the Programming course as a favour. I didn’t do Programming Year 1, which is why the lecturer has done this favour, and why I’ve had to study over Summer.

Anyway. How fucking ironic that the knob who has taken this stuff away was the wanker who drove my brother to kill himself. *sigh* Heyho.. I’m going to go rant and whine some more. Fucking bastard fucking coppers.. fucking fucking fucking..

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