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Christmas Spirit?

 |  Interwebs

I have noticed while browsing other people’s blogs a general increase in the publication of opinions on various subjects recently. From breastfeeding in avatars, to 13yr olds in love. It’s the Christmas season, where is the love? I’d like to think that some of you remember your youth. Christmas is a time to let the wonders of innocence and youth come flooding back to you. Enjoy playing with toys and acting like a kid. Stuff yourself with food, get stupidly drunk (although, I hope none of you remember that from your youth) and just generally enjoy yourselves.

As for those of you who think this season is an excuse to fill your blogs with wishlists and demand your visitors buy you presents; remember those who are in the “poor” countries, who probably don’t even have family, let alone presents for Christmas. If you receive anything from any of your naive visitors, do the right thing and send it to someone who NEEDS it.

I may not be online much after the end of next week. Karl and I will both be on our Christmas break, and we still have shopping to do, things to make, decorations to hang and suchlikes. If I don’t speak to you personally before I ‘leave’, I want all of you to have a fabulous Christmas. :)

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