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oh, the week keeps getting worse…

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Either our group assignment was destined to fail from the start, or stupidity is contagious (sp?).

I have been working my fucking ARSE off all bastard morning to get this God forsaken Multimedia assignment as finished as we can make it ready to hand in today, because Peter wants it back over Christmas. How lovely of him.

Anyway, I started working on the actual presentation, which was all going great.. added quite a few slides. Vicky was working her butt off finishing the storyboard completely, doing the test plan, etc.. which the two lads helped me write up some information. This was splendid.

All this work was being saved in pieces on various U: drives (on the network, U:\ is our personal drive). So, as Peter suggested a couple o’ weeks ago, we put all of the work grouped together in a folder on the W drive. Unfortunately, this is shared by all students in the college but most are usually respecting of others work.

Anyway, did a ton more on the presentation, and went to save when I encountered an error about file paths or somesuch. I checked the W: drive and some cunthead had changed the name of our folder. I think I knew straight away it was either Tom or Chris from year 2. Turns out it was Chris.

So.. eventually he stops doing it, and we continue on. 15.. 30 minutes later I go to save again (I have been saving in the mean time, but they saved no problem..). It gives me another error, so I check the drive and our folder is gone. So, I flick back to the presentation and because of the stupid fucking error, PP has crashed and i’ve just lost all of my fucking work. At roughly the same time and for some stupid reason, Vicky deletes the new storyboard thinking it’ll be fine on the W: drive before realising it’s not ON the W: drive.

To cut a long story short, several documents were lost, and I had to spend the last 30 minutes of the lesson re-doing parts of the old storyboards to catch it up to steam and correcting every other moron’s fucking errors. Why is it that people are so dense? I ask for nothing from my friends other than to put their full effort into this presentation, and it’s like asking a fucking 1month old baby the difference between cheddar and edam. (Stupid.. impossible even?).

Thanks to Chris-I-don’t-know-when-to-stop-a-joke-that’s-not-funny & wank-stain Will’s original errors, I’ve lost a ton of work, my on-time mark for this assignment & my temper.

Add this to the fact I still can’t get to my mail, Simon has been trying to talk to me all morning about passports and fuck knows what else, today has gone rather fabulously. Oh, and Livejournal is being an arse and slower than i’ve seen it in a long time. What was that about abolishing invite codes being a good thing..?

*sigh* I want Karl.

Is it possible to get Monday Blues on a Tuesday? Today shall be named Tantrum Tuesday. :P

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