My Own Little Browser War

If you’d have asked me lately what browser I’m using, the answer would have varied on an almost daily basis. I’ve been trying to find THE perfect browser for me but each one has pissed me off in varying degrees of time… Firefox – my browser of choice since about 2005ish (possibly longer? it was […]

Opera Bitching At Microsoft

According to the BBC, Opera have filed a complaint about Microsoft to the European Commission about the fact that Internet Explorer is still bundled with Windows. From the article: Opera Software said the close ties between Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows made it hard for rivals to be a serious choice for web users. This […]

Opera — Ad Free

So, Opera have decided to go advertisement free. All fine and groovy, not that they ever bothered me anyway because I personally am a die-hard Mozilla/Firefox fan. Just thought you might like to know in case you’re interested in a new browser. On a site note — the people who write up the content for […]