Quick Update

Badly lit insta-filtered pic of me in Gaz's atari t-shirt

Izz’s first day of school went fine :) the highlight of her day was apparently the chocolate pudding she had after lunch I’m on day 3 of Sugar Free September 2014 and apart from some odd cravings on the 1st, which I think were hormone-driven, I’m doing fine I’ve gained a new geek t-shirt, by […]

Recycling Geek T-Shirts

Some of my geek t-shirt collection are in the region of 4 years old now, and as nature (and pregnancy) blessed me with an ever increasing chest size, they’re now fairly tight (bordering on obscene). I’d like to find some way to recycle them so I continue to get use and don’t have to worry […]

T-Shirts I Really Really Want

Due to the unfavourable exchange rate I’ve not bought a geek t-shirt in… quite a while. I try not to think about it too hard, else I might weep. To save myself the time and frustration of having to re-search (not research) for funny t-shirts next time I have money and no pending bills, I’ve […]

rev.iew.me Geek Tee Contest

Those of you who missed out a couple of years ago when I gave a geek t-shirt (courtesy of syswear) away in my blog, might want to read on… I’ve teamed up with syswear again, only this time we’re offering a free geek t-shirt in the latest rev.iew.me contest. The member who earns the most […]

New T-Shirt Time

J!NX have just shipped me I’m Huge on the Internet T-Shirt for my collection. woot!