My Own Little Browser War

If you’d have asked me lately what browser I’m using, the answer would have varied on an almost daily basis. I’ve been trying to find THE perfect browser for me but each one has pissed me off in varying degrees of time…

  • Firefox – my browser of choice since about 2005ish (possibly longer? it was still Firebird back then). I know, crazy long time to be loyal to a piece of software. Why did I ditch it? Because the latest version seemed to be causing memory hogging issues, instability, etc
  • Chrome – my browser of choice for about 2 weeks. Why did I ditch it? Chrome’s add-ons are not as good as Firefox and the lack of NoScript was annoying. Google need to stop blocking the technology that is required to make a NoScript version for its browser.
  • Namoroka – the unofficial 64-bit build of Firefox. My browser of choice for a few months. Why did I ditch it? Lack of Flash support, didn’t like some Firefox add-ons. Otherwise speedy and less hoggy than normal Firefox; I would have stuck with it if it hadn’t required me to constantly open Opera/Chrome to play Flash stuff.
  • Opera – 10.61 is much less irritating than previous version of Opera, and although it seems to use more memory than Firefox overall it’s faster opening and at rendering web pages. I like the integrated IRC client. Why did I ditch it? Widgets run as separate programs, instead of like FF add-ons. Some web pages render incorrectly. Doesn’t save login details for sites properly.
  • Flock – yuck! Didn’t even use it for half an hour. Why did I ditch it? I found it buggy and annoying. The Facebook sign in thing didn’t work and it was bloated with crap I didn’t want or need.

So where am I now? Well, it occurred to me this morning that I upgraded my RAM not long back (from 2GB to 4GB) so I’m giving Firefox another spin. If it doesn’t work out for me now, who knows where I’ll go from here… the future looks Internet Explorer shaped, and I’m not that insane!

Update 31 Aug: After posting this last night, I discovered the whole Opera key login thing and how it remembers passwords. I’m now back in Opera :D

Mozilla More Popular

6 months ago if anyone had asked me what sort of browsers that people browsing my site use I would have said “well, about 85% use Internet Explorer”; Mozilla/Firefox barely registered on my list. However, their time has certainly come – 40.2% of my visitors now use Firefox, and 0.9% Mozilla. That’s a combined total of 41.2% which is only 0.8% off of the 42% of Internet Explorer users.

How many people total to 0.8%? Well, let’s say on an average day I get 600 hits, that means that (if my maths is right) 0.8% is 4.8 people. Let’s round that up to 5. Only five more people visit my website with Internet Explorer than Mozilla &/or Firefox! That’s quite impressive; for the Mozilla corp to have gained around 40x the popularity (based on my stats) in a 6 month period compared to IE which has been going for years. If that doesn’t say something about Mozilla/Firefox, then I don’t know what does.

Have you switched yet?