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‘Vote’ – I would, if I were an American. As I’m not, not only does this image appear pointless to me, but it strikes me as thought your entire site is going to be about Bush/Kerry or politics. Obviously I know better, but maybe you’d be better off with a smaller image and an explanation for those who don’t?

Upon entering the site via your boring white splash, I’m given a sudden dose of colour. A relief, in that I won’t be screwing my eyes up looking at text on a huge white ‘canvas’, but bam, such a shock to swap from one to the other! I am assuming the splash will be removed after all this election stuff is out of the way?

I like your layout, but then I’m a sucker for simple things. Normally I would criticise you for having ‘feature’ text bigger than the title on your image, but on this occasion I’m not sure anything else would suit. I like it, even if I don’t know what the two short sentences mean.

One thing I did notice almost immediately was that you have no “home” link. Even thought “main.html” has no real content or anything that the visitor needs, I still like to start from the beginning sometimes if I feel lost, or if I simply want to get to grips with the place. I suggest a “home” link be the first link in your horizontal menu.

While we’re on the subject of your Home page, there’s unnecessary information (”After spending many years..” bla bla..) on there that would be better suited under “Domain Info” in my opinion. To fill out your Home page again, some information on what each link in your menu contains would help, even if it seems redundant.

I always get confused when the navigation changes, which your site does when I click Art (under Content). This probably wouldn’t be a problem, but when I click Home, instead of taking me back to “main.html” like I was hoping I get whooshed back to that bloody splash page again!

I was disappointed not to find a single piece of information on you on your site. Thought the main purpose of the site is to serve as a collective, it would still be nice to have a little something to read about you. This can be something basic from your name, age and location to a full biography.

You have plenty of good artwork that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at, although as a past-visitor I’ve seen most of it before. What I really like is the fact that you add comments to your images; not many people (including myself) can be bothered to do this anymore. Bravo to you. It would be even better if you could put the comments into a title tag on your pop-ups, so people could hover and read the description before clicking. This could prove quite tedious though, and is not an absolute must.

Oh my gosh, I love you even more than I did originally. I don’t have to review your coding, whoo. Valid XHTML, welcome to the club! Actually, I lie, I do have one comment on your coding. On “main.html” you use non-breaking spaces ( ) to indent your text. There is a way to do that with CSS, which you may want to look at. As you only indent one paragraph though, this is purely your choice.

To summarise this rather short review, your site is wonderful. It is exactly what I love browsing. Simplistic layout, small graphics and gorgeous artwork (both written and sketched). With the exception of your splash page and the slight glitch with the “Home” link in the navigation, your site is delightful!

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Tony Blair Was Wrong

Wow.. Tony Blair just admitted he was wrong about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. “I have to accept that we haven’t found them, and may never find them.” Holy shit, he admitted it. I didn’t see that coming!

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