WordPress is a full-featured CMS and blogging system, used to create more websites than any other CMS in the world. Its strength comes from the masses of contributors to the WP community, publishing and updating thousands of plugins and themes daily. As a WordPress developer, I use it to power everything from tiny personal blogs, to massive multi-national corporate sites for my clients. Find out more below…

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Genesis column shortcodes with custom classes - (tl;dr download .zip here) I, more often than not, roll out WordPress sites these days using Genesis as my framework of choice for theme development. It’s mostly because I’m lazy, and it does a bunch of stuff for me that I can’t be bothered to do myself (which gives me more time to focus on actually developing cool things… and […]
How to: make the whole WordPress excerpt clickable - A client recently asked me to make the post excerpts in their blog page clickable. This seems like a reasonable request and the logical answer (if you know your WordPress basics) is to open the relevant template file (probably index.php or home.php in this case) and wrap the_excerpt(); in <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>".. (and so on). Except there’s two problems […]
Pages disappear from admin after registering custom post type - As I’ve fallen foul of this twice in as many days (I must be having one of those weeks) I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone else does the same thing! When creating a custom post type, the code works as expected but suddenly the Pages disappear from their respective menu. They are still counted: …but otherwise don’t exist […]
Thoughts on the Genesis Framework - I’ve always been a little reluctant to use theme frameworks because learning other people’s code foibles often feels like a battle not worth fighting. However, as I’m now developing WordPress themes, plugins etc as a primary source of income, it made sense to bite the bullet and get on with it! I originally picked Genesis (over other theme frameworks like […]
WordPress Multisite Shared Media Library - Dearest WP users and developers, this post is a plea for help. I am trying to create a WordPress Multisite Shared Media Library. I want to be able to upload content (PDFs, images etc) to the main blog of a WP Multisite install, and access that media from other blogs on the same network (there’s a plugin for this already). […]
‘Old Post’ Notice - On this blog I have around 10 years of archives. That’s a lot of posts from over the years that may not necessarily reflect the “me” in 2012. I didn’t want people to potentially get the wrong idea about me if they read an old post, but I didn’t want to delete them either: that defeats the point of a […]
Exclusive Preview of WP Email Capture Premium - One of the benefits of being super awesome cool like me is the things I get to see and do before everyone else. Today I am playing with (cough.. ‘testing’) WP Email Capture Premium before it’s official launch. WP Email Capture is an e-mail subscription plugin for WordPress. Install it, activate, and watch as the masses add their e-mail address […]
Work In Progress: rev.iew.me Conversion - rev.iew.me is a website / web page reviewing community. Launched in 2008, it was designed and developed specifically to help web designers, developers and hobbyist webmasters receive critical feedback for their website projects. As part of a larger package of updates and new features coming to the site, I have been plotting a conversion to WordPress to take advantage of […]
Upgrade Now: WordPress 3.4 “Green” - WordPress 3.4, code-named “Green” after jazz guitarist Grant Green, was released yesterday. To ensure maximum security for your WordPress site, be sure to keep your core install & plugins up to date.
Maintain multiple sites with WP Remote - If, like me, you’re responsible for multiple installs of WordPress, you’ll know what a chore it can be to keep both WordPress and plugins up to date; just as you get one blog upgraded you log in to another and discover it has a different set of plugins that need updating too. Logging in to tens of WordPress installs every […]

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WordPress Plugins

I finally wrote some WordPress plugins! They’re not in the official repo, because that is effort and I’m too busy working on actual work to do it, but if you’d like to give them a try you can find them on GitHub:

  • Jem’s Genesis Columns — adds shortcodes which you can use to format your content (posts, pages) into columns (like this page!); adds support for extra classes missing from the ‘official’ Genesis Column Shortcodes plugin. Must be used in conjunction with the Genesis framework, a Genesis theme, or by people who’ve acquired the column stylings.
  • Media Locations — adds a media taxonomy which allows you to assign locations to media which can then be pulled in to posts, pages, templates etc programmatically.