An evening with Circus Funtasia

I was recently invited to pop along to see the travelling animal-free circus “Circus Funtasia” as they’re in Madeley, in nearby Telford, for the weekend.

Circus Funtasia have visited Madeley on several occasions, and each time we drive past the signs the kids will pester and badger about going along, I’ll promise we can go and then promptly forget until after they’ve already left town. Determined not to make the same mistake this time, we set the date for 3rd March and popped it in the diary.

Now, somehow I’ve managed to get to the age of 31 without ever visiting a circus, so I had no idea what to expect… although I assumed there’d be some creepy clowns?

There were no creepy clowns, and any expectations I did have were met and then some.

The show was split into two halves with a 15 minute interval – perfect opportunity for small bladders (mine and the kids ;)) to get some relief – with each half made up of a series of different acts interspersed by the closest thing they had to a clown (but without the creepy make-up and giant red shoes). Each of the acts seemed to be designed to shock, awe or prompt laughter (and some managed all three).

With jaw-dropping aerial silks and ropes, a fast paced roller-skating duo and one lady who seemed to manage wire walking, epic hula hooping and pre-show/half time face painting the whole cast were clearly a multi-talented bunch.

The ‘pièce de résistance’ for me was a death-defying motorcycle globe act which featured three riders racing round and around and upside down in a surprisingly small metal globe, all without hitting each other or falling off.

Parking was a squeeze and the popcorn was a bit bland but you don’t go to the circus for gourmet popcorn and I had no other complaints.

Circus Funtasia are in Telford until Sunday. Tickets can be booked online or by calling 07706168507 – booking is recommended.

All photos taken by Gareth Griffiths © 2017 (badly edited by me)

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