I feel old

I had a great idea for a blog post today but got home and couldn’t remember what it was I have a new phone that I cannot work I have seen twittery acronyms three times today that I couldn’t figure out I’m taking the morning off tomorrow to have a haircut and I might also […]

Funny old week

It’s been one of those funny old non-stop weeks, constant whizzing from one thing to the next. I feel like I’ve achieved so much and yet so little all at the same time. I’m glad it’s basically over (Thursday is my Friday ;D) Still, it could also be the start of something really quite exciting… […]

A tale of lovely people

I have just taken a break from the chaos of downstairs (Karl + kids + all that entails) to move some money around and make sure cash is in the right place so that I can pay my car tax & cover the childcare bill that comes out tomorrow (Oliver starts nursery this month) and […]

Ho ho ho! Merry Crimbo

Merry Christmas to all those who’ve stuck with me this year ;) Looking forward to another year of neglecting my blog posting frequently :D All the best for 2014!

Common Cold and Your Testicles

I know, bet you didn’t see that title coming? Seriously though, at this time of year, one of my most common search results relates to the common cold and testicles. The reason why — and the most popular result in el Goog — is a pisstake entry I posted in 2006 about someone defacing the […]