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Programming Sucks

Websites that are glorified shopping carts with maybe three dynamic pages are maintained by teams of people around the clock, because the truth is everything is breaking all the time, everywhere, for everyone. Right now someone who works for Facebook is getting tens of thousands of error messages and frantically trying to find the problem before the whole charade collapses. There’s a team at a Google office that hasn’t slept in three days. Somewhere there’s a database programmer surrounded by empty Mountain Dew bottles whose husband thinks she’s dead.

— Programming Sucks

Fame at last

Why I think @ymummyreally is full of crap & a cute nappy I bought

I found myself on a blog entry today that sent my blood pressure sky high (I’m getting old, I can’t help it). It’s @MumsnetBloggers fault. Anyway, the entry in question (“Congratulations Fearne Cotton! Now how soon before someone mentions the ‘M’ word?“) written by ‘yummy mummy’ Louise, questions the modern practice of having babies out of wedlock.

Apparently one can only be committed enough to raise children if you’re married; you can only find the ‘incentive’ to work through troubles with a ring on your finger and a marriage certificate. I might be paraphrasing slightly.

I don’t know where to begin listing the ways this bugs me. For starters, what business of Louise is Fearne — or anyone else’s — relationship status? What about those who choose to conceive by donor? Gay couples? Are the requirements of marriage vital there too?

After over 10 years with Karl, 2 cars, a mortgage and numerous pets, what difference would a dress and a piece of paper have made to our decision to bring 2 children into this world? How could a ceremony provide me more inspiration to work on my relationship than my beautiful, clever babies?

Louise insists that just because this setup works for me, doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone:

I say that going by the divorce rates in this country, neither does bloody marriage.

– – –

In completely unrelated news, how adorable is this nappy I bought from Fill Your Pants? (product shot – pic not mine)

I am in love with this nappy. They are not completely bomb-proof, so I wouldn’t use it for a long journey or overnight etc, but they fit incredibly snug and are super soft inside. I don’t know how I’m going to justify splurging on the other prints but I’m sure I’ll find a way!

Ironbridge Photography Project

I have the privilege of living in the most beautiful county in the UK: Shropshire. (Not that I’m biased or anything.) This is highlighted in the towns surrounding my own; Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale and the like. Steeped in history, full of landmarks like The Iron Bridge… on their own, they are fairly interesting, but a recent work project by two of my colleagues only adds to that. Check this out:

Tontine Hotel, Ironbridge

The mix of old and new, people milling around just like they do now, what’s changed and what hasn’t. I find the whole lot fascinating. I’m actually gutted that I’m going to Wales this weekend so will miss them presented full size at the Ironbridge World Heritage Festival on Saturday.

Anyway, if you want to see the rest of the pictures, have a look at Creating windows into Shropshire’s history on my work’s blog.

Amazing Mama / Midwifery Blog

I wasn’t originally going to post this link, and settled for sharing it privately with a couple of friends. However, after having spent several hours immersed in it this evening I can’t NOT share it:

Navelgazing Midwife

It’s not often I enjoy reading a blog as much as I have this one, particularly ones about aspects of childbirth and parenting. Most of the blogs I read that are pro-breastfeeding / natural parenting etc become repetitive, and many are patronising or condescending towards those who choose to meander from the crunchiest path possible (“you VACCINATE? gosh, you must be able to see the mercury emanating from your child”, etc). To me, reading her experiences with birth are as much about feminism and supporting women as they are about the actual process of birth.

The honest approach of this amazing lady — who is a mum, an experienced midwife and doula — is just so refreshing to read. Love it.

The Bookhabit Pyramid Scheme

I know quite a few of my regular readers are aspiring writers and as such, are writing or have written books of their own. In light of this, I think a few of you may find Dee’s post on Bookhabit and its ‘financial model’ interesting. Specifically this excerpt:

Bookhabit’s author pay-out model is deliberately structured to keep most of those royalties within the site itself. When signing up, you the author agrees that Bookhabit doesn’t have to pay you until you’ve earned a stored total of $50 in revenue. [..] Bookhabit, in fact, encourages its authors to use their pre-$50 revenue to buy other books from the site. In other words, the whole place is essentially set up like one big pyramid scheme with Bookhabit itself the only one ever really making any money.

Hopefully you’ll be able to use the post, and the comments in response to it, to figure out if it’s somewhere you’d like your own book(s) promoted/sold.

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Becky, Brent and Sarai have opened a new SMF board: Neonglow MB.

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