Meal Plan Mondays (23rd July)

Part of my ongoing meal-plan series

Monday: Meat pie
Made from the mince that I was supposed to use for last week’s cottage pie, but we had a last minute splurge on pizza (delivered) instead. I guess that puts the cost at some £20+ … the most expensive meat pie ever!

Tuesday: Prawn curry
I’ve never made prawn curry before but I fancied something different for my fish meal this week. Two packs of prawns from my big Sainsbury’s shop (2 for £6) but I will probably use some of those for something else as it’ll be a bit too prawn-y otherwise!

Wednesday: Toad in the hole
Om nom nom, one of my favourites. £1.79 for cheapy Richmond sausages. Not my personal choice of sausage but I have to make sacrifices to get everyone eating the same meal sometimes. Sigh.

Thursday: Macaroni cheese
Macaroni pasta (1kg for £1.79) and cheese (400g for £2.50)

Friday: Homemade pizza
Friday is turning into a bit of a pizza night lately! Still, this one is so easy and simple to make and when I’m not ordering in from Dominos costs pennies to make. I’ll be using flour etc from the cupboard and leftover cheese from the macaroni cheese so no cost.

Saturday: Tomato baked eggs
Drawing inspiration from the BBC recipe spicy tomato baked eggs this one will use up leftover eggs from the veg box (£2.09 for 6 organic free range eggs). All other ingredients in already.

Sunday: Leftovers
Something from the freezer – I’m having a day off!

Total cost this week (including pizza splurge & veg box): £47.06 eeeeek!

PS. I keep forgetting to mention… although I don’t specify, the majority of my meals are served with at least one portion of veg or salad from the veg box or garden. I try and incorporate a fish-type meal once a week and at least one meat-free meal too.

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