I am happy to work with PR companies and brands to test and trial online products, tech, software, and children’s products (clothes, games, that sort of thing).

I accept products for review as long as they do not need returning (postage is expensive) and there is no requirement for a positive review; I am 100% honest about my experiences. If you have a great product, this is not going to be a problem for you.

I do not:

  • Accept advertising offers, paid links, banners.
  • Accept payment for reviews in the hope of swaying my verdict.
  • Accept products marketed by companies who contradict the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes

Furthermore, I am actively involved in a boycott of Nestlé and do not support their products or companies in connection with them.


My audience is primarily female, aged 18-34, educated to college level or higher. Most are interested in web technologies (coding, design, “geek” subculture”, etc) or have young children.


I have over 600 RSS subscribers and have several thousand unique hits a month. My blog updates are fed directly to my twitter stream with over 1,400 followers, and the Facebook fan page which has over 200 ‘likes’.

Get in Touch

If you have something to say or a product to giveaway relevant to my audience, get in touch: jem@jemjabella.co.uk