jem-drinking-wineHello :)

My name is Jem … actually, it’s not Jem, it’s Jemma, but nobody calls me that any more. I’ve not always used ‘Jem’, in fact I remember when I was 14 I told off a science supply teacher because he had the audacity to shorten my name …

Er, where was I? Yes! About me. I’m a senior web developer, prolific blogger and single mum. Not necessarily in that order. I once told the world I’d never become a “mommy blogger”, then I had a baby. Now I talk about boobs and poo and other inane mummy stuff. I also lose the thread a lot, but sleep deprivation does that to a person (if you’re nodding now I know you have kids too, right?)

I started blogging back in my early teens as a journal of everything. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my early archives but if you go back to the beginning you’ll find every boring detail of my college life, etc. I can heartily recommend doing this if you suffer from insomnia. Guaranteed cure to all sleep woes :) Nowadays this blog is the dumping ground for any crap that doesn’t fit elsewhere, web-based experiments and the occasional rant about something that has annoyed me.


I make websites that work. Websites that sell more, rank better, inform customers & generate more enquiries. Web development is one of my biggest passions (after wine and ice cream my kids). I started creating websites as a hobby back in the 90s — I was the spotty teen hogging the fastest PC in after-school computing club — and now do it to pay the bills too. I have over 10 years commercial experience developing solutions for a range of clients and my stuff has been featured in .net mag, The Guardian & elsewhere.

Although I can mostly be found knee-deep in WordPress (world’s most popular CMS) these days, I like to get my hands dirty with all things PHP. I have released several GPL licensed PHP scripts including BellaBook, which is distributed through the Softaculous software library and is used on over 2 million websites worldwide. I also like to dabble with Search Engine Optimisation and affiliate marketing.

I went self-employed in 2012 but after 2 years I decided to return to the world of employment as Senior Developer at matm (because it turns out I actually do like working alongside people after all).


I am mostly bossed around by my two smalls, Isabel and Oliver, and when they’re asleep I play zookeeper to 11 pets and counting.

I’m stubborn, sarcastic, honest to a fault (probably not a good idea to ask me if your bum looks big in that) and have a habit of being a bit of a “know it all”. Probably because I really do know it all.

I love to read, collect geek t-shirts, vaguely remember a time when I had chance to be a gamer and started running again in 2013. I’m not very good at it. I like cake, wine, ice cream and bacon. Did I mention wine?

I am actively involved in a boycott of all Nestlé products.

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