Eagle-eyed visitors will notice some slight changes here: the addition of a third column, changes to the footer, etc. I’ve converted my theme to run off the genesis framework (mostly for the power of the widgets and templates and all that crap).

In theory it means easier maintenance in the future, and has taken about 4 months to get this far because I only get 10-15 minutes a day to work on the bloomin’ thing (work, babies, house, moan moan moan). Some bits that were broken before (twitter feed) are now working again, but there’s bits that WERE fine but are now broken (no decorational border thing around posts … it’s getting there) Let’s call it a work in progress.


  1. says

    I saw the link to this on twitter and from the title, expected a rant about equal marriage.

    Is there any reason I can’t see capital letters in the comment box?

    • says

      I’m not trying to make it responsive, that’s the genesis base stuff. I’ll worry about making it responsive when I have more time.

      Maybe in about 5 years :p

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