Project: Bunny Shed 2

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Today I went on a bit of a rescue run. I went to pick up 3 french lop bunnies from a local lady; they were being kept in tiny, tiny hutches far too small for them (and I’m not just talking a bit small – these are giant rabbits that need more space than most). I don’t think it was through any malicious intent, just lack of knowledge on behalf of the old owners.

Anyway, from there I headed up to Piggy Kingdom, where we got our latest pair of piggies from and where the rabbits will be spending the forseeable future… except, and this is where “Project: Bunny Shed 2” comes in, I really would quite like those rabbits. I was blown away by a) how big they are – the size of a small cat easily and b) how GORGEOUS they are. Like big fluffy teddies. Here’s some pics I was given by the old owner…

Aren’t they gorgeous? And you can see how small the hutches were in those pics – barely enough room for them to sit, let alone move around and stretch.

So now I’m on a mission. Firstly, to raise extra income to buy another shed (because these bunnies need SPACE) and secondly, to convince Karl that we can cope with 3 extra rabbits. Suggestions on a postcard..!

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  1. Jenn said:
    On December 20, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    They’re adorable, but more importantly I think it’s wonderful that you’re rescuing bunnies and giving them a better home (we do the same with stray cats and mistreated Betta fish that we find crammed in vases).


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