Meal Plans Feb 23rd-28th

Please note: this is an old post. I have been blogging for a really long time: since my childhood, in fact. Bear in mind that any opinions stated may have changed, any code snippets may no longer be considered safe or secure, and my personal circumstances are almost certainly different to what's contained herein. You have been warned...

Apologies for another boring meal plan entry. Drowning in work and house chores and kids and general ARGH at the moment.

As expected, I’m finding that breaking my meal plans down in to stages and basing what I serve off the veg box instead of the other way around is not only helping me stick to my self-imposed £100 budget for the month but also has decreased the wastage to pretty much zero (not that any of our veg is ever truly wasted because bits beyond human consumption end up in the guinea pig, rabbit or compost bin!)


  • 23rd: Shepherd’s pie
  • 24th: Chicken & leek curry
  • 25th: Swede & parsnip mash + sausages
  • 26th: Squash & sweet potato soup
  • 27th: Beef stew & dumplings
  • 28th: Spaghetti & roasted root veg sauce
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