You know you’re normally a co-sleeper when…

Please note: this is an old post. I have been blogging for a really long time: since my childhood, in fact. Bear in mind that any opinions stated may have changed, any code snippets may no longer be considered safe or secure, and my personal circumstances are almost certainly different to what's contained herein. You have been warned...

  • Your child sleeps longer than normal in their own bed and you wake every hour anyway because you’re not used to them being away from you.
  • You wake every time your little absent cosleeper murmers because you’re not used to hearing his sleep sounds over the monitor.
  • You sleep on the edge of the bed, despite having an entire super king-size to yourself, because you’re used to being kicked if you sleep anywhere else
  • When your little cosleeper finally calls for you, you’re grateful for the company, because the bed is a little colder and lonelier without him.
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