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Oliver is a few days off 6 months, which means at some point shortly he’s going to be introduced to the wonderful world of food. I’m in no hurry — I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve grown over 9kg of baby all by myself so far — and indeed neither is he, having twice grabbed food from me and on both occasions thrown it to the floor.

It has got me thinking about the family diet again though. The way we eat has improved by leaps and bounds since Isabel came along: from the days of subsiding off large quantities of pre-prepared, pre-packaged foods like chicken dippers and pizza, to primarily homecooked food (although that is as much about budget as it is things like salt content etc). However, we have slipped… Isabel eats more sugar than I ever anticipated, and she’s shown an interest in salt (my fault, I cover my chips in it). I am thinking now’s a good time to pull the family up again and get us on the right path food-wise.

December’s meal plan will be an interesting one…

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