I have been a little frazzled recently, and in an attempt to get some ‘down time’ away from the screen was planning on doing a bit of crochet again. I say “a bit”, because as it stands I have never actually completed a project. In the cot next to my bed (which is used to store clothes, lest you think I’ve given up co-sleeping) is a project I started for the birth of my nephew. My nephew turned 7 this year.

Anyway, I was going to take my hooks and wool on holiday with me at the weekend but unfortunately couldn’t find them before we were due to leave (note to self: do not ever again try to get all packing done in the space of 2 hours right before you leave whilst juggling a baby and a toddler).

On a hunch, I checked the wardrobe earlier and lo and behold, two boxes of yarn (acrylic) and my hooks, as well as various projects I’ve started from over the years. I am thinking about actually finishing a couple of these, but don’t know which to choose. So I’m handing over the decision to you guys… scrap or save? Pick your favourite two, I will endeavour to finish them at some point in the next millenium and might even photograph my progress.


Scarf. Harry Potter inspired?


Some kind of red and yellow blanket?


Giant purple granny square


Green and orange granny squares. I think I was practising joins here.


Dark blue giant granny square


Vicious pink granny square. I have 4 balls of this so may rescue it for a ripple blanket, actually…


Baby pink door snake/draught excluder

And I can’t finish this one because I don’t know what it was supposed to be, but thought I’d throw it in anyway:


I don’t even …?


  1. mumblies says

    Well if you can’t be bothered to finish any of these you could always just undo them and make a nice big blankie to throw over your knees on chilly winter days/evenings. As for the baby pink draft excluder thingy… it is just me that sees it as a willy warmer or am I just being smutty here? ;)

  2. says

    Sew everything together to make one big giant blanket. Sure it won’t look great, but it’s easier than knitting a whole new blanket. haha


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