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Please note: this is an old post. I have been blogging for a really long time: since my childhood, in fact. Bear in mind that any opinions stated may have changed, any code snippets may no longer be considered safe or secure, and my personal circumstances are almost certainly different to what's contained herein. You have been warned...

I recently mentioned some bespoke WordPress plugin development I was doing for a work client; I have a few links I saved at the time which helped me build in styles using built-in WordPress classes, as well as functions / hooks / etc which made my life easier. I thought they may be of use to fellow devs so thought I’d share:

As I find the notes I scribbled these URLs down in, I’ll add to this post.

One thing I did note, however, is that some of the guides etc I came across were using deprecated WP functions. (Obligatory disclaimer…) it’s definitely worth getting to grips with the codex, and checking pages for hooks that you’re unfamiliar with before blindly copy-pasting someone else’s code (not to mention the possibility for security holes, yadda yadda).

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